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Rec Room’s “Reloaded” Update Enhances Customization and Gameplay

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Rec Room, the popular virtual reality social and gaming platform, has rolled out its “Reloaded” edition update, bringing a host of new features and improvements that significantly enhance the user experience, particularly for creators and players who engage with ranged weapon props.

Rec Room Overview

Rec Room is a virtual reality (VR) social platform that allows users to play, create, and share experiences with others. It’s a free-to-play app that supports cross-platform play, meaning it can be used on various devices from phones to VR headsets. The platform is designed to be a social space where users can interact with friends and other players from around the world, engaging in a multitude of player-created rooms and games. Users can customize their avatars, participate in games, and even use the Maker Pen tool to create new content ranging from simple objects to complex worlds.

Rec Room emphasizes a friendly and welcoming community, adhering to values that prioritize building and iteration as a path to quality. It offers a range of comfort and safety features, such as name filtering, various locomotion options for VR users, and continuous updates to improve the player experience. The platform also includes a private space called the Dorm Room where players start their sessions, and it allows for the creation of private instances of activities for more controlled interactions. Rec Room is particularly active in VR play and encourages common sense and caution. It also has a Code of Conduct to ensure a respectful environment and includes features like mute, block, and reporting to enhance player comfort and safety.

Customizable Ranged Weapon Props

The update introduces a new level of customization for ranged weapon props. Players can now modify projectile and weapon body colors using both circuits and the maker pen, a tool that allows for in-game creation and manipulation of objects. Additionally, damage values for players and objects can be adjusted in the same manner, providing creators with more control over gameplay mechanics.

Aim assist and auto-fire settings are now configurable with the maker pen, offering a more tailored shooting experience. The update also includes new circuit events such as ‘Gun Fired’, ‘Reload Started’, ‘Reload Completed’, and ‘Reload Cancelled’, which trigger on the props’ object boards when a player interacts with the weapon. ‘On Pickup’ and ‘On Release’ events have been added to detect when weapons are grabbed or released by players.

The update deprecates the ‘Projectile Hit Player’ events in the Projectile Launcher and Player Definition Board, replacing them with variants that output Collision Data. New ‘Projectile Hit Other’ and ‘Projectile Hit Any’ events have been added to all Ranged Weapons, enhancing the interaction with the game environment.

Chips & Events Out of Beta

Several chips and events have graduated from beta testing, indicating a stable and reliable performance. These include functionalities related to the in-game radio, maker pen, data tables, rewards, experience points (XP), levels, and progression systems. The update solidifies these features, making them a permanent and polished part of the Rec Room toolkit.

Bug Fixes and Rec Room Studio Improvements

The update addresses various bugs, improving the overall stability and user experience. Notable fixes include the resolution of a scrolling jump issue on the Home page, a VR interaction bug related to the infinite bow fix, and an issue where friends would not receive invites if the user appeared offline.

The MakerPen Undo Stack Redo operations have been refined to prevent loss of progress during simultaneous operations. Additionally, the update ensures that MakerPen audio does not loop unintentionally and informs users about invalid names when creating rooms or subrooms.

Rec Room Studio, the platform’s creative suite, has also seen improvements. The Rec Room Studio window now opens automatically when a RRStudio project is accessed for the first time. An issue that allowed non-uniform scaling of custom Studio Objects in Rooms 2.0 has been fixed, ensuring consistency in object manipulation.


The “Reloaded” edition of Rec Room marks a significant update that enhances the platform’s customization capabilities, particularly for ranged weapon props, and solidifies various features by moving them out of beta. The update also addresses several bugs and improves the Rec Room Studio experience, demonstrating Rec Room’s commitment to providing a robust and user-friendly virtual space for creativity and play.

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