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Rec Room’s “Too Much to Handles” Edition: A Comprehensive Update

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Rec Room, the popular virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and screen-based game developed by Rec Room, has released a new update, dubbed the “Too Much to Handles” edition. This update brings a host of improvements, bug fixes, and new features to enhance the user experience.

Advanced Creation Mode Improvements

The Advanced Creation Mode (ACM) has been enhanced with marquee selection for PC keyboard+mouse users, allowing for easier selection and deselection of multiple objects. The ACM UI elements have been adjusted to fit within the side panel, and a bug causing crashes when quickly creating shapes has been fixed. In addition, new chips that work on all handles have been added, including Handle Set Control Prompt and Handle Get Control Prompt.

VR Experience Updates

The VR experience has been updated with a new “Adjust controller offsets” setting, allowing users to fine-tune their virtual hand’s position relative to their real-life controller. The watch wrist UI for accessing room chat in VR has also been updated, and some minor adjustments have been made to the way objects are held in VR.

User-Generated Content (UGC) Updates

The Animation Controller and most of its associated chips have been released from beta, along with all chips related to the Room Currency constant and all State Machine chips. New UGC Beta chips have also been introduced, including Instance Get Lifetime, Player Get Is Room Contributor, and Get HUD Enabled, among others.

Rooms 2.0 Updates

Rooms 2.0 has received several updates, including the addition of the Voice Rolloff Distance player property, which can now be locally overridden. This allows for the creation of systems where, for example, players on the same team can hear each other from far away, but players on opposing teams can’t. The Go To Room chip is now available, and limited support for inventions has been added. Touchpad and Trigger Volume are now supported in Rooms 2.0, and Gun Handle is now available.

General Improvements and Bug Fixes

Several general improvements have been made, including more reliable data import from external spreadsheet programs to data table chips and reduced black screen time at the start of ^Orientation. Numerous bugs have been fixed, including a bug where saving while attempting to switch rooms would cancel the room switch after saving and a bug that caused the interacting player to freeze if they were interacting with a Touchpad component when someone else deleted the TouchPad.

Rec Room Studio Tools Updates

The Rec Room Studio Tools have been updated with a “Test Subroom” button, allowing users to test their rooms locally without having to wait on a cloud build. A download button has been added to each room saved in the room save list, and the Room Save Inspector has been made easier to find. A new tool, ‘Performance Explorer’, has been introduced to help identify and solve performance issues with your room.

Rec Room Studio Bug Fixes

Several bugs have been fixed in the Rec Room Studio, including a bug where the ‘Fix Me’ option would show on materials validation errors that don’t have an available upgrader and a bug causing uploads to fail when the Assets/RecRoomStudio folder is deleted.

This comprehensive update aims to enhance the user experience and provide creators with more tools and options to create engaging and immersive content.

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