Riven set to launch on Meta by the end of 2024

Riven, the Follow-Up to Myst, Set to Launch on Meta Quest VR This Year

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In a significant announcement for fans of classic adventure games, Cyan Worlds has revealed that ‘Riven,’ the much-anticipated sequel to the iconic game ‘Myst,’ is set to make its debut on Meta Quest VR platforms later this year. This news marks a new chapter in the legacy of one of the most revered puzzle-adventure games in history, promising to bring a fully immersive experience to a new generation of gamers.

A Legacy Reimagined

Originally released in 1997, ‘Riven’ continued the story of ‘Myst,’ offering players a richly detailed world filled with intricate puzzles and a deep, engaging narrative. The game was celebrated for its evocative storytelling, complex puzzles, and the immersive experience of exploring the decaying Age of Riven. However, the technological limitations of the time meant that many of its cinematic elements and sprawling landscapes were difficult to fully realize.

Now, more than three decades after the original release of ‘Myst,’ Cyan Worlds is bringing ‘Riven’ back, rebuilt from the ground up using Unreal Engine 5. This remake promises to deliver the full experience of the original game with updated visuals, new puzzles, and expanded storylines, all while preserving the essence that made ‘Riven’ a masterpiece of its time.

VR and Beyond

The ‘Riven’ remake is not just a visual upgrade; it’s an expansion into virtual reality, offering players the chance to explore its world in full 3D for the first time. Cyan Worlds has confirmed that the game will be available on both Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3, with enhancements that make the experience even more immersive on the newer hardware.

This move into VR is part of Cyan Worlds’ broader strategy to embrace modern gaming technologies while staying true to the roots of their classic titles. The studio has a history of developing VR modes for its games, including a Quest-native version of ‘Myst’ and other titles like ‘Firmament’ and ‘Obduction’. The ‘Riven’ remake aims to blend the original’s intricate puzzle-solving with stunning visuals and a fully explorable 3D world, leveraging the power of Unreal Engine 5 to bring the game to life in ways previously unimaginable.

A New Chapter for New and Old Fans Alike

For those who experienced ‘Myst’ on Meta Quest or have yet to discover the series, the ‘Riven’ remake offers a chance to dive deeper into the lore and puzzles that define the franchise. Cyan Worlds has made adjustments to certain puzzles to make them more accessible than in the 1997 original, without compromising the challenge and depth that fans expect.

The announcement also hints at further expansions of the ‘Myst’ universe, with Cyan partnering with Walkabout Mini Golf’s developers to license Myst island as a mini-golf course in VR. This collaboration suggests that Cyan Worlds is exploring new ways to engage with its fanbase and introduce its iconic worlds to a broader audience.

As the gaming community awaits more details on the ‘Riven’ remake, the excitement is palpable. Cyan Worlds’ commitment to preserving the original game’s essence while pushing the boundaries of modern gaming technology promises to deliver an experience that honors the legacy of ‘Riven’ and opens up new possibilities for adventure game enthusiasts.


Myst is a graphic adventure puzzle game developed by Cyan and published by Brøderbund. Released on September 24, 1993, for Mac OS and later for Windows and various other platforms, Myst features a point-and-click interface where players solve puzzles and uncover secrets to progress through the game. The player takes on the role of the Stranger, who explores the mysterious island of Myst and other unique “Ages,” each with its own distinct themes and puzzles. The game is notable for its lack of conventional game elements like violence and high scores, focusing instead on exploration and intellectual challenge. Myst was one of the first games to be distributed on CD-ROM, significantly influencing the adoption of this technology in the gaming industry. Its success led to several sequels and a substantial impact on the adventure genre, making it a classic in video game history.

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