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Rolling Stones Music Pack is now on Beat Saber

Martin Rumenov 8 months ago 0 25

Beat Saber, the popular virtual reality rhythm game, has expanded its music catalog with the addition of a Rolling Stones Music Pack. This collaboration brings 11 songs from The Rolling Stones to the game, featuring a mix of classic hits and new singles.

Players can now purchase the Rolling Stones Music Pack for $13.99 or opt for the bundle, priced at $39.99, which includes the new pack along with other in-game content.

Here is a full list of all songs included in the pack, which can also be purchased separately for $1.99

– Angry
– Bite My Head Off
– Can’t You Hear Me Knocking
– Gimme Shelter
– (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
– Live by the Sword
– Mess it Up
– Paint It Black
– Start Me Up
– Sympathy For The Devil
– Whole Wide World

The pack also introduces a custom environment inspired by The Rolling Stones’ latest album, enhancing the visual and auditory experience. Unique light shows synchronized with the music further immerse players in the iconic sound of the band.

In addition to being available on various VR platforms, including PlayStation VR2 and PlayStation VR, this collaboration opens up the world of The Rolling Stones to a whole new audience, giving rock enthusiasts an immersive experience within the game.

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