What is sandbox VR

What is Sandbox VR and why are those immersive gaming venues so popular?

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Escape rooms and traditional gaming arcades have been the go-to place for many families, friends, and teambuilding groups who just want to have fun together in their free time. However, as VR technology has been developing rapidly during the past decade, it has become apparent that a new form of entertainment could be introduced to the masses. That is how Sandbox VR came to life – a simple idea of making shared VR experiences enjoyable in a one-of-a-kind environment has become a popular chain of leisure venues people could enjoy from various parts of the world.

VR Today Magazine’s team has been fascinated by Sandbox VR’s success and this company’s ability to both break into a new market and provide one-of-a-kind entertainment services. That’s why this article is dedicated to unleashing all there is to know about Sandbox VR and how its approach to offering immersive experiences has taken off.

What is Sandbox VR?

Sandbox VR is a company that provides advanced virtual reality experiences, merging motion capture, haptics, and cutting-edge VR technology to create immersive experiences for groups of up to six players. The company has proprietary technology and develops its own content, enabling players to become the stars of their action movies. Sandbox VR is currently available in seven countries worldwide and has garnered over 20,000 reviews with a rating of 4.8 out of 5.

This ahead-of-its-time company was established in 2016 by Steve Zhao, who identified the rising popularity of VR while working on a different mobile gaming app. The company’s main features include in-headset interactions among players, multiplayer VR experiences, and mixed-reality recordings that act as shareable memorabilia for guests looking to capture their experiences. To date, Sandbox VR has secured a total of $71 million in funding and has grown to 43 locations in major cities across North America, Europe, and Asia. One of its most sought-after adventures, Deadwood Valley, has amassed $23 million in ticket sales over the past year and is forecasted to achieve $100 million in lifetime sales.

Sandbox VR locations

These venues offer socially immersive gaming experiences that combine full-body motion capture and haptic feedback to create a highly engaging and realistic virtual reality environment. Visitors can book their experiences online at the respective Sandbox VR websites.

North America

  • Los Angeles – Cerritos, Woodland Hills and Culver City (upcoming)
  • Sand Diego – Mission Valley
  • SF BayArea – San Francisco, San Mateo, San Ramon and Emeryville
  • Denver – Lone Tree
  • Georgia – Atlanta
  • Chicago – Lincoln Common, Oakbrook
  • Indiana – Indianapolis
  • Kansas City – Leawood
  • Kentucky – Louisville
  • Minneapolis – Roseville, Eden Prairie
  • Missouri – St. Louis
  • Nevada – Las Vegas
  • New Jersey – Paramus, Woodbridge
  • Cincinnati – Liberty Township
  • Cleveland – Westlake
  • Columbus – Dublin
  • Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh
  • Texas – Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin
  • Salt Lake City – Murray
  • Virginia – Tysons
  • Washington – Kirkland, Seattle
  • Canada – Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto


  • UK – London, Birmingham
  • Germany – Alsfeld, Wiesbaden
  • Switzerland – Zurich


  • Hong Kong
  • Shanghai
  • Singapore

Sandbox VR Experiences

The following titles are offered exclusively by Sandbox VR, as the company has partnered with gaming developers who have created unique immersive experiences that can only be enjoyed in Sandbox VR venues.

Squid Game Virtuals

The experience is inspired by the popular Netflix show ‘Squid Game’ and allows players to engage in various mini-competitions, similar to those in the show, using full-body virtual reality technology. Players accumulate points throughout the experience, and a winner is declared at the end. The experience has garnered popularity and has been well-received by many participants, despite some concerns about the session’s cost.

The ‘Squid Game Virtuals’ experience has proven to be a significant success for Sandbox VR, raking in $4.56 million in revenue in its first two months on the market. It stands as the biggest hit ever for the company.

Seekers of the Shard: Dragonfire

The game is set in a magical castle where players assume the roles of adventurers who must confront various enemies using swords, axes, bows, and magic. The game offers branching storylines, enabling players to embark on a new adventure each time they play. It takes approximately half an hour to finish the game and presents multiple paths, enhancing its replay value. The game is designed for up to six players in a shared space and incorporates localized vibration feedback, allowing players to sense when they are being attacked from behind.

Deadwood Valley

Deadwood Valley is an action-horror game where players face off against a variety of terrifying zombies in an epic battle across multiple locations. The game is highly interactive, and the player’s interactions with the characters they meet have consequences that can change how the story unfolds over five possible endings.

The game has generated $23 million in the last year at just 30 locations, and Sandbox VR expects it to generate over $100 million in lifetime ticket sales. The game is designed for specific hardware, including full-body motion tracking, haptic vests, wind machines, and a 4x6m play area, and is not available for home use.

Amber Sky 2088

Amber Sky 2088 is a virtual reality experience offered by Sandbox VR. It is set in the futuristic city of New Hong Kong and offers a sci-fi adventure where players can soar through the clouds and engage in activities such as blasting aliens and saving the world as a robot soldier.

The experience has been positively reviewed as great sci-fi fun and a good attempt to provide a sci-fi experience for fans of franchises such as Alien. If you are a fan of sci-fi and virtual reality, Amber Sky 2088 might be an exciting experience for you.

Deadwood Mansion

Deadwood Mansion VR is a hyperreality escape experience created by Sandbox VR. Players work together to survive a zombie apocalypse in a haunted mansion. Recently remastered with improved graphics, new weapons, and more brutal zombie-slaying gameplay, Deadwood Mansion is one of Sandbox VR’s undisputed fan favorites.

In addition to Deadwood Mansion, Sandbox VR also offers the already-mentioned Deadwood Valley. It is a visually stunning and immersive VR experience where players face off against a variety of terrifying zombies in an epic battle across multiple locations.

Curse of Davy Jones

The ‘Curse of Davy Jones’ is an immersive virtual reality (VR) experience offered by Sandbox VR. It places players as pirates battling supernatural creatures on the high seas. This family-friendly adventure allows participants to work together to search for and potentially recover the lost treasure of Davy Jones while facing challenges posed by mythical beings.


Unbound Fighting League (UFL) is a player versus player (PVP) virtual reality (VR) fighting experience created by Sandbox VR. UFL aims to combine elements of physical sports and esports, offering a unique blend of physical movement and competitive strategy. Participants wear a haptic vest and gaming suits with over 40 vibrators and utilize body tracking technology to simulate realistic movements and interactions within the virtual space. The game features weapons such as swords and shields, and participants engage in one-on-one battles using their whole bodies instead of traditional controllers.

Sessions typically involve four to six players competing against each other in rounds lasting approximately 70 seconds. UFL has gained popularity as a team-building event and family activity, providing players with a computer-generated highlight video after each session.

Star Trek: Discovery Away Mission

Star Trek: Discovery’s ‘Away Mission’ is a multiplayer, location-based, full-body virtual reality (VR) experience that enables players to explore an uncharted alien planet. They can team up with friends to uncover clues and solve the mystery. Created in collaboration with CBS Interactive and Sandbox VR, this experience completely immerses players in the Star Trek universe like never before. Players become part of the Discovery crew and embark on their own away mission, armed with iconic Starfleet gear such as the phaser and tricorder.

Sandbox VR Prices

Sandbox VR prices vary by location and day of the week. In Vancouver, the rates are $55 CAD per player on weekdays (Monday to Friday) and $60 CAD per player on weekends (Saturday to Sunday). In San Diego, the price is $36 per person for a 30-minute experience. This includes a 10-minute tutorial and 20 minutes in the virtual reality experience.

Prices may differ at other Sandbox VR locations, so it’s best to check the specific location’s website for the most accurate information.

Sandbox VR Promo code

Sandbox VR offers various promo codes and discounts. You can enjoy a 50% off discount by using the code ‘HUMPDAY50’ and a 20% off discount with ‘SANDBOXVR01’. To redeem a discount code, simply add items to your shopping basket, proceed to checkout, and enter the code in the ‘Promo Code’ box. You can also discover and test Sandbox VR coupons and discount codes on websites like and

It is recommended to look out for special discounts aimed at educators, veterans, military personnel, and healthcare professionals. Before making a purchase, make sure to verify the expiration date and terms and conditions of the codes. This will help ensure that you can take full advantage of the discounts available to you.

Why is Sandbox VR so popular?

Sandbox VR experience

Sandbox VR’s success can be attributed to its unique and premium experiences that attract audiences. It focuses on creating accessible opportunities with ready-made mementos to commemorate experiences. Additionally, Sandbox VR has the ability to build community with its users. The company has enhanced its guest experience by establishing an online relationship with each customer. This allows guests to enhance their return visits by receiving digital rewards within the virtual world. The company has secured $71 million in funding from investors, which include Chinese tech giant Alibaba, U.S. venture capital firms Floodgate Fund and Andreessen Horowitz, and Stanford University.

Many world renowned names from the entertainment industry have too endorsed this innovative business idea. Celebrities like Will Smith, Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, and Justin Timberlake invested around $11 million in the company back in 2019. This influx of funds has enabled the opening of new venues, which has then resulted in gaining more media coverage and attracting new customers.


As Sandbox VR has establishments in very strategic parts of three continents, its popularity has been soaring in the new niche more people have finally started to gain interest in. The in-house immersive experiences elevate the value of the business and its approach to incorporating new-age technology and making it more accessible. The brains behind Sandbox VR should be applauded for their ability to acknowledge VR’s potential and enable others to take advantage of it.

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