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Seeking Pluto’s Frigid Heart: 360° Video from New York Times VR App.

Back in 2015, the New York Times launched their very own Cardboard VR Headset, the “NYT VR”. Since it’s launch, a number of highly acclaimed videos has surfaced. Anything ranging from Great White Sharks to presidential campaigns and large cultural events from around the globe.

A recent project has been that of NASA’s New Horizon spacecraft. On July 14, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft zipped past Pluto and its moons, scanning the dwarf planet in unprecedented detail. This has no doubt been an extraordinary trip, and yet another giant leap towards us better understanding the universe we’re in.

In collaboration with the Lunar and Planetary Institute and Universities Space Research Association, the New York Times constructed a beautiful digital world for us to explore. This isn’t the first time that the New York Times has been involved in bringing beautiful visuals from space into our lives, but it is the first time we tag along for the ride in head-turning 4K video. Enjoy, as NASA explores Pluto’s Frigid Heart:

If you want a tour of some of the videos produced for the app so far, you can head right over to YouTube and give it a try!

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