Maliang Megic Pencil review

Sensoryx introduces the Maliang Magic Pencil – an innovative approach to integrating a stylus in virtual environments

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XR technology has proven to have beneficial applications in various spheres, as training and productivity are the niches in which XR has become more widely adopted. The concept of blending the real and the virtual world is finally beginning to be more attainable and purposeful in different people’s careers and everyday lives. Sensoryx is one of the companies actively developing spatial tools and technologies with the intent of improving XR tech as a whole.

This Swiss company is trying to challenge our perception of the pencil, a classic object used for writing and drawing, which has been reimagined through the specifics of XR tech pieces.

Everything you need to know about the Maliang Magic Pencil

As it has already become clear, this piece of hardware has the design of a regular stylus and is capable of writing, sketching, and basically performing any form of creative activity in a virtual environment. A nice sentiment about this product is the symbolism behind its name, which is derived from a Chinese folk tale about a girl called Ma Liang who had a magical paintbrush capable of turning anything painted into a real object.

You’d be in the same scenario if in possession of this product. As you’re moving the special pencil in the air, you’d be able to leave any written or painted form on the device you’ve connected it to. And the greatest advantage is that it comes with a pre-bundled application for virtual drawing.

The Maliang Magic Pencil can be connected through Bluetooth to a computer, base station, Apple devices, and a headset. Connectivity and synchronization features are handled by an ISP1807 RF module, which is provided by Insight Sip – an RF module developer that is behind the world’s most fascinating pieces of RF hardware, like the first ever Antenna-in-Package.

The goal of the developers was to create a product that could be a breeze to use – lightweight, with an ergonomic design, and with excellent synchronization. In order to achieve a high level of precision in the six degrees of movement, the XR pencil uses inertial tracking, infrared LEDs, and ultrasound. These features make the Mialang Magic Pencil seem like the perfect tool for anyone looking to experiment with their creativity in a non-traditional way. It could also contribute greatly to the job of any designer or architect.

Why we’d love to use the Mialang Magic Pencil

We at VR Today magazine are always tempted to try new XR products, even when they’re currently out of our modest budget. As we’ve played VR games across various genres and experimented with different apps, we’ve seen that classic controllers don’t always make the cut. The ease of use isn’t as good as we’d always like, and we’re convinced other headset owners share the same opinion. Therefore, opting for advanced hardware tools, which would enhance our experience with VR, is always on the table.

The Mialang Magic Pencil provokes our interest in expanding our experience with the more creative side of VR, and the fact that it comes with a bundled 3D drawing application is what makes the product check even more boxes on every consumer’s wish list. The practical contingent of our team believes that this piece of XR hardware looks like a must-purchase for anyone wanting to take their digital drawings to the next level, whereas the designated gamers hope that it could one day become a more advanced piece of tech that would help replace the traditional controllers.

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