Star Wars: Squadrons VR Gameplay

Star Wars: Squadrons VR Gameplay Review!

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Genre: action, simulation,

Compatibility (headsets): SteamVR, PlayStationVR, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro, Keyboard or gamepad

Platforms: Steam Store, PlayStation Store

Minimum requirements: Windows 10 64-bit, Processor: Ryzen 3 1300x or better/i5 6600k or better, 8 GB RAM; Graphics: Radeon HD 7850 or better/GeForce GTX 660 or better; Directx: Version 11; 40 GB free space; Network: Broadband Internet connection

Features: single / multiplayer, PVP

Release date: Oct 2, 2020

Developer: Electronic Arts

Price: 39.99$

Star Wars Squadrons is a highly anticipated AAA title from EA that takes players into the Star Wars universe.

With native support for all major headsets, the game promises an immersive sim-based space battle experience, offering a seven-hour single-player campaign and a variety of multiplayer options.

With the impressive scale of capital ships and stations in VR and interactions with NPC characters, this game is sure to be an exciting and immersive adventure for Star Wars fans.

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Game Overview

You’re in for a treat with the newly released Star Wars: Squadrons! This cross-platform game, available on PlayStation 4, Xbox, and PC, and fully playable in virtual reality (VR) with the support of all major headsets, is sure to bring hours of enjoyment.

Announced as a return to classic Star Wars dogfighting, this game can be played with a keyboard and mouse, gamepad, or HOTAS (hands-on throttle and stick). It features both single-player and multiplayer components, including two multiplayer modes: dogfighting (5v5) and fleet battles.

A radar and shield indicator provide critical feedback, and a throttle indicator allows players to find the sweet spot for optimal maneuverability.

For an immersive experience, the game offers a full 6DoF with VR support and a detailed cockpit design with impressive geometry, textures, and lighting.

There are also ship customization options and auxiliary loadouts, such as weapons, missile repair, and deterrents. Get ready for an exhilarating experience!

VR Implementation

The advantages of VR immersion are evident in the scale of capital ships and stations, the variety of custom 3D ship models, and the ability to twist one’s head to track targets. Interactions with NPCs are also rendered in VR, which adds to the feeling of immersion.

Challenges of VR implementation can be seen in the curved flat screen used for cutscenes, which breaks the immersion, and the need for strong VR legs for barrel rolls and sharp turns.

Nonetheless, the overall experience is still highly enjoyable. If you are looking for similar titles, we have prepared a list of other non-VR games with VR modes. Feel free to check it out.

Single Player Campaign

Your single-player campaign journey begins with a two-mission prologue set in the aftermath of Return of the Jedi. You’ll have a chance to explore the Star Wars universe and meet both new characters and familiar faces.

The 14-mission campaign is lengthy, offering an impressive 8-9 hours of gameplay. It alternates between the New Republic and Imperial sides and provides an exciting and immersive experience. The missions are full of fast-paced action, although it can be difficult to appreciate the beautiful space backdrop amidst the chaos.

You’ll have the opportunity to customize your ship further and take part in intense battles as you progress through the story.

Some players report issues with mission objectives and clarity, and there have been some bugs reported at launch, but these are expected to be fixed quickly.

With its long gameplay experience and variety of characters, the single-player campaign of Star Wars: Squadrons will keep you engaged and entertained.

Multiplayer Modes

Star Wars: Squadrons VR review

With two thrilling multiplayer modes, Star Wars: Squadrons provides an exciting team-based experience.


Dogfight is the smaller multiplayer mode. Players can customize their ships to fit different roles and join forces with other pilots in intense 5v5 battles. Team coordination is essential, as players must work together to outmaneuver and outgun their opponents.

The other mode, Fleet Battles, is a tug of war between opposing capital ships.

Both modes offer four classes of ships for each side and emphasize the importance of teamwork and communication for success.

Each team must coordinate strategies and tactics to outplay their opponents.

The game offers a wide range of customization options, allowing players to customize their ships and choose weapons that best fit their play style. While the single-player experience may lack replayability, Star Wars Squadrons’ multiplayer mode is sure to keep players coming back for more.

The game’s intense action, unique features, and exciting multiplayer modes make it a must-play for Star Wars fans.

Controls and Immersion

Besides the impressive visuals and sound design, further immersion into the Star Wars universe is achieved through the game’s controls and game mechanics.

Players can make use of throttle and stick controls for a realistic and immersive cockpit experience. Throttle indicators provide speed feedback, while the shield and weapon power are indicated by a red and green bar, respectively. Additionally, a hat switch on the throttle helps with direction and balance.

For better precision, players can opt for keyboard and mouse control. This allows for more responsive targeting and menu navigation with various input methods.

The auxiliary loadouts give players the ability to customize their ships and balance their squad further.

With these controls and features, Star Wars Squadrons offers an immersive experience that will make you feel like you’re actually in the cockpit of an X-wing or TIE Fighter.

Different Ships

Star Wars: Squadrons VR modes

In addition, there are different ships with different strengths, weaknesses, and roles. Players can choose from an array of custom ship models, each designed for a specific role in combat.

Some ships are designed to be incredibly fast and maneuverable, while others are heavily armored and slow. Some are designed for dogfighting, while others are better suited for long-range engagements. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each ship will be key to success in the game.

The ships are divided into 2 big groups depending which side you are playing for.

The New Republic

1. X-Wing (Fighter class) – the most recognizable of all ships;

2. A-Wing (Interceptor class) – faster than TIE Interceptors, maneuver ships;

3. Y-Wing (Bomber class) – heavy, shielded bomber ships, slow, but they pack a big punch with a massive payload;

4. U- Wing (Support class) – incredibly versatile, serving both as starfighter and troop transport, heavily armoured;

The Empire

1. TIE/In Fighter (Fighter Class) – one of the most maneuverable starfighters ever designed;

2. TIE Interceptor ( Interceptor Class) – life support system, power boost, better field of vision that allows a better response to enemy fighters;

3. TIE/sa Bomber (Bomber Class) – lack shields and maneuverability but can be flown in-atmosphere to bomb rebel cells hiding in their caves or be deployed by Star Destroyer captains to soften up the hulls of enemy capital ships.

4. TIE/rp Reaper ( Support Class) – have shields and hyperdrives, 3 pilot cockpits, able to transport deadly squad;

For a full description of the variety of ships –

Players will also be able to customize their ships with cosmetic items and upgrades. This will allow players to personalize their experience and give them an edge in battle.

With the variety of ships available, the game offers a wealth of strategic possibilities.

Overall Recommendation

Overall, Star Wars Squadrons is one of the most enjoyable Star Wars games on the market. It has a AAA title with native VR support, immersive sim-based space battles, and a spiritual successor to the classic Tie Fighter and X-Wing games from the 1990s.

While the story isn’t particularly amazing, the game is still highly recommended. The scale of capital ships and stations in VR is impressive, and the wide variety of beautifully rendered custom 3D ship models adds to the fun. Interactions with NPC characters and the seven-hour single-player mission also make for a great experience.

Furthermore, the game has longevity with its multiplayer fun. Overall, this is one of the most enjoyable Star Wars games in a long time.

Audience reception

With an average rating of 3.8 out of more than 1000 votes in Google and a mostly positive rating from more than 21,000 votes on Steam, Star Wars: Squadrons VR is a game you will not want to miss.


Star Wars Squadrons is a unique and immersive experience, offering a thrilling single-player campaign and a variety of multiplayer options.

With its impressive scale of capital ships and stations and its native support for all major headsets, the game provides a truly immersive experience in the Star Wars universe.

The game’s combination of action-packed missions and stunning visuals makes it a must-have for Star Wars fans.

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