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Stranger Things VR: A New Dimension of Gaming

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Fans of the popular Netflix series “Stranger Things” are in for a treat as Tender Claws, an LA-based studio, has announced the launch of Stranger Things VR on February 22. The game will be available on Meta Quest 3, 2, and Pro and is currently available for pre-order with a 10% discount.

A New Perspective on Stranger Things

Stranger Things VR offers a unique gaming experience, allowing players to see the world of Stranger Things from a new perspective. The game reveals Vecna’s influence on the events of prior seasons and uncovers new secrets.

Players will have the opportunity to dive deeper into the complex relationship between Dr. Brenner and Henry Creel and Creel’s transformation into Vecna. The game features the vocal talents of Jamie Campbell Bower as Vecna and Matthew Modine as Dr. Brenner.

Harnessing Telekinetic Powers

The game leverages the VR and MR capabilities of Quest, enabling players to harness their own telekinetic powers. Players can open and close portals and even play as Vecna as he explores unknown realities, forms the hive mind, and enacts his plan for revenge against Eleven and Hawkins.

Pre-Order Discount

The game is priced at $29.99, but those who pre-order can save 10% off the purchase price.

However, some gamers on Reddit have questioned the value of the pre-order discount, suggesting that it might be better to wait until the game is released to verify whether it’s worth the price.

A Unique Gaming Experience

Stranger Things VR is a psychological horror action game where players take on the role of Vecna, the main character from season four of the series. The game allows players to relive Vecna’s memories as Henry Creel’s pre-transformation and use telekinesis to grab, crush, and throw opponents, opening portals to different worlds.

The game also includes mixed-reality content, offering a more immersive experience. Players can invade the dreams and memories of fan-favorite characters, harness telekinetic powers, and take revenge against Hawkins.


Stranger Things VR promises to be an exciting addition to the VR gaming world, offering fans of the series a chance to experience the Stranger Things universe in a whole new way. With its unique gameplay and immersive VR and MR capabilities, it’s a game that’s sure to attract both fans of the series and VR gaming enthusiasts alike.

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