Stride: Fates VR launches today

Stride: Fates Introduces VR Parkour to PSVR 2 & Steam Platforms Today

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Stride: Fates, the highly anticipated standalone sequel to Joy Way’s original VR parkour game, Stride, is now available on PSVR 2 and Steam. This release follows its initial launch on the Meta Quest platform last November, bringing enhanced visual fidelity and a smooth 90fps performance to new platforms.

Originally conceived as a free update to Stride, Stride: Fates evolved into a full-fledged sequel, offering a more comprehensive and narrative-driven experience. The game places players in the dystopian Airon City, where they assume the role of a chaser recruited by the elite forces of SkyChase. The storyline, while not deeply engaging, serves as a backdrop for the game’s intense parkour and shooting mechanics.

The Steam and PSVR 2 versions of Stride: Fates come with notable improvements but will not include the mixed reality update released in February, which featured a seven-mission campaign focused on protecting your home and extracting data from drones. However, Steam players will have access to the first DLC and the Concrete Jungle DLC at launch, while PSVR 2 players will need to wait for the latter.

Stride: Fates has been praised for its exhilarating parkour mechanics, reminiscent of the classic Mirror’s Edge, but adapted for VR. Players can expect to sprint, wall-run, leap, and grapple their way through various levels, combining these movements with intense gunplay. The game features a variety of weapons, including pistols, shotguns, and sub-machine guns, all of which can be upgraded as players progress through the missions.

Despite its strengths, Stride: Fates has faced some criticism. Reviews have pointed out that while the parkour elements are well-executed, the shooting mechanics and narrative aspects could use further refinement. Some levels successfully blend parkour and shooting, creating a seamless and thrilling experience, but others fall short, particularly in confined spaces where the parkour elements feel restricted.

Overall, Stride: Fates offers a unique and immersive VR experience, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in VR parkour games. With its release on PSVR 2 and Steam, more players can now dive into the high-flying action and explore the dystopian world of Airon City.

For those who purchased the original Stride during its Early Access period, Joy Way has confirmed that eligible Steam players will receive a free copy of Stride: Fates via email on launch day.

Stride: Fates is available now on the Meta Quest platform, with the Steam and PSVR 2 versions launching today. The game is priced at $29.99.

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Joy Way is a VR game development company founded in 2017, dedicated to creating immersive and innovative virtual reality experiences for home-use platforms. The company self-publishes its games across major platforms such as Steam, Meta Quest, PlayStation VR, VIVEPORT, and Pico. Joy Way’s portfolio includes a variety of genres, from high-octane parkour adventures like “STRIDE” to combat rhythm games like “AGAINST” and rogue-like shooters like “Dead Hook.” Their games have been recognized by industry peers and players, receiving nominations for prestigious awards and achieving high ratings. Joy Way continues to push the boundaries of VR gaming with a team of over 70 professionals committed to raising industry standards through innovative mechanics and smart technical solutions.

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