Sushi Ben VR on PS VR2 on 28 May

Virtual reality and manga collide as Sushi Ben debuts on PS VR2 on May 28

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Fancy a cozy adventure in a stunning locale? Inspired by real-life experiences, Sushi Ben drops you into an idyllic seaside town rich with addictive mini-games and curious characters across an anime-inspired slice-of-life sim. The game launches on May 28 for PlayStation VR2, offering players a unique blend of narrative and interactive gameplay.

Mini Slices of Life

In Sushi Ben, players are tasked with saving a sushi bar from going out of business as a group of land developers try to buy up all the property in town. You will assist the townsfolk with various activities and tasks to cultivate business. The game features a wonderful fishing game at its core, where players fish for the particular type each customer wants to bring their business into the restaurant. Beyond fishing, the game offers a wide range of mini-games such as table tennis, stone carving, bug catching, dog walking, and archery, each taking advantage of the dynamic movements that make VR gaming immersive and exciting.

Storytelling in Virtual Reality

Big Brane Studios hopes players are captivated by how the story is told. The freedom of VR, where players can look anywhere at any time, creates challenges in directing focus. To attract the player’s eye, dynamic manga panels are used as a focal point. This idea was inspired by Kane Tyler, co-founder of Big Brane Studios, while watching JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. The use of manga panels became the driving force behind the game’s development.

The Pursuit of Authenticity

Sushi Ben’s seaside village is inspired by thousands of hours of research and Kane’s time working at a sushi bar with Chef Takayuki “Ben” Okuda. When the pandemic prevented global travel, Kane used Google Maps to explore the world and find elements that could feed into an authentic representation of a seaside town in Japan, but inspired by the home-town feel of Savannah, Georgia.

Features and Accessibility

Sushi Ben is designed to be approachable for any VR player, new or experienced. The game features options for sitting and standing players, with a height adjustment for those who choose to sit or are differently abled. Various settings like full locomotion, teleportation options for movement, and snap turning or smooth rotations are available. Dialogue can be set to autoplay, or players can enjoy Story Mode, which skips the game portions entirely, allowing them to focus on the narrative.

Enhanced Experience on PS VR2

Sushi Ben takes advantage of PS VR2 features, enhancing visual quality and providing a more immersive experience with detailed haptics. On May 28, Big Brane Studios hopes that PS VR2 players will feel the authentic joy the development team sought to achieve with Sushi Ben, mirrored by the pursuit of authenticity in the story, setting, voice acting, writing, and beyond.

With the new features, this exciting VR game has a big chance to be become of the hits in 2024.

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Big Brane Studios

Big Brane Studios is an international, fully-remote video game development studio co-founded by Kane Tyler and Brian Edward Hicks. The studio focuses on creating immersive VR content and is known for its narrative adventure game, Sushi Ben, which involves saving a sushi restaurant from going out of business. Sushi Ben has been nominated for awards and is available on major VR headsets.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” is a Japanese manga series created by Hirohiko Araki. It follows the adventures of the Joestar family, whose members possess unique supernatural abilities. The series is divided into multiple parts, each featuring a different protagonist nicknamed “JoJo.” The story spans generations and includes battles against various antagonists, often involving mystical powers such as Stands and Hamon. The narrative is known for its distinctive art style, creative storytelling, and numerous references to pop culture, science, and history.

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