Swarm 2 VR review

Swarm 2 Review

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Genre: Action, Shooting
Compatibility (headsets): Meta Quest 2,3 and Pro
Platforms: Meta Store
Minimum requirements: Storage: 2.14 GB available space
Features: singleplayer
Release date: March 7, 2024
Developer: Greensky Games
Price: 24.99 $

Swarm 2: Master VR Rogue-like Challenges presents players with a world filled with strategic upgrades and challenging encounters. As you progress through the levels, you will face dynamic threats and obstacles that require precision and quick decision-making.

Created by Greensky Games, this game offers a virtual reality experience that goes beyond mere skill tests, providing depth and intricacies for players to explore.

Gameplay Mechanics in Swarm 2

Swarm 2 offers dynamic gameplay features and mechanics that require players to master movement and combat in order to progress through challenging rogue-like levels.

The game features gameplay where players utilize guns equipped with grappling hooks to navigate and engage in combat seamlessly. The game emphasizes swinging mechanics, enemy scanning, and rope usage to maintain movement and overcome obstacles. A dash ability allows for quick directional changes in combat scenarios. Success in Swarm 2 depends on strategic rope utilization, swift decision-making under low shield conditions, and mastering swinging techniques.

The introduction of special weapons, such as homing missiles and miniguns, adds tactical depth to the gameplay, enhancing the swinging and combat experience. Players can expect dynamic mechanics that require skillful execution to progress efficiently in the game.

Strategic collection of shards unlocks permanent buffs that improve the character’s abilities. Quick reflexes and adaptability are essential for navigating through the ever-changing environments.

Swarm 2 requires players to employ strategic tactics to outsmart and defeat the continuous onslaught of enemies. It’s essential to leverage the environment effectively to achieve victory. Players must remain vigilant as adversaries can appear unexpectedly, necessitating quick reflexes and careful positioning to survive.

Understanding enemy behavior, identifying weaknesses, and adjusting strategies are crucial elements for success. Each confrontation serves as a test of skill and strategic thinking. By analyzing enemy movements and making timely decisions, players can gain the upper hand.

Maintaining alertness, agility, and a calculated approach is key to overcoming the challenges presented in Swarm 2.

Level Progression and Variety in Swarm 2

Swarm 2 VR gameplay

Swarm 2 offers a diverse range of levels with unique challenges and surprises for players to navigate. There are 45 levels in total, each randomly selected to provide a fresh experience with different obstacles and enemy encounters.

Every fourth level allows players to collect shards that enhance their character’s abilities. The rotating maps ensure dynamic gameplay, requiring quick adaptation to changing environments. Players will face treacherous terrains and hordes of enemies, demanding strategic thinking and swift reflexes to progress.

Advancing through the levels unlocks upgrades and improves combat skills. It’s essential for players to stay alert, agile, and overcome the various challenges presented in Swarm 2’s levels.

Skill Progression in Swarm 2

In Swarm 2, upgrading your abilities strategically through shard collection is essential for mastering the game’s challenging dynamics.

As you advance through levels and encounter relentless enemies, gathering shards becomes crucial for progression. These upgrades provide permanent buffs that significantly enhance your combat skills and survivability.

Selecting the appropriate enhancements that align with your playstyle is key to overcoming the increasing difficulty levels. Whether it involves improving swinging speed, boosting weapon damage, or unlocking new abilities, each upgrade plays a significant role in your success.

It’s important to make thoughtful choices and optimize your upgrades to effectively tackle the escalating challenges in Swarm 2. By staying focused and planning your enhancements wisely, you can elevate your capabilities in this immersive VR rogue-like experience.

Skill Development and Strategy

Proficiency in swinging mechanics and precise rope control are fundamental skills necessary for progression in Swarm 2. Players are required to strategically target weak points and navigate challenging environments with precision.

In Swarm 2, mastering swinging abilities is essential for efficient traversal through levels and participation in intense boss battles. The identification and exploitation of enemies’ weak points play a crucial role in gaining a tactical advantage in combat scenarios.

The game’s success relies on the player’s ability to achieve rope precision, facilitating rapid directional changes crucial for survival. To succeed in Swarm 2, a strategic approach is essential, enabling players to make quick decisions, optimize movement, and outmaneuver adversaries.


The game has a high rating of 4/8/5 in Meta Store from 312 reviews.

Swarm 2 VR graphics

Overall Satisfaction and Immersion

Swarm 2 offers an immersive gameplay experience with unique swinging mechanics that utilize grappling hooks in virtual reality. The game’s design allows for full-body movement and 180-degree swings, creating a sense of immersion as players navigate challenging environments.

Swarm 2 is optimized for VR headsets like Quest 2, ensuring smooth performance and an engaging gaming experience. With special weapon pickups, various enemy types, and challenging boss battles, the game offers depth and variety in gameplay. Additionally, Swarm 2 effectively manages motion sickness, making it comfortable for players to enjoy the fast-paced swinging action.

Players can expect a dynamic experience as they navigate the game’s mechanics and confront formidable bosses.

Final Thoughts From VR Today Magazine On Swarm 2

You’ve conquered the challenges, mastered the mechanics, and stood victorious against the toughest enemies in Swarm 2.

With its immersive VR experience, dynamic controls, and strategic gameplay, this game keeps you on your toes and delivers a thrilling experience like no other.

From swinging through intense environments to taking down epic boss battles, Swarm 2 offers a truly satisfying and immersive adventure that will keep you coming back for more.

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