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Exclusive Synth Riders update for all Apple Vision Pro users

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As one of the most popular VR rhythm games, Synth Riders is constantly trying to improve gameplay by integrating new fun features. The developers, Kluge Interactive, have made sure to bring their A-game when it comes to introducing their title to new XR hardware like the highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro. Great efforts have been put into taking full advantage of this spatial computer’s capabilities regarding Synth Rider’s mechanics. The game has been accessible on Apple Vision Pro through the Apple Arcade ever since the product’s launch at the beginning of February, and not too late after that, this fan-favorite title is receiving a couple of major updates.

What will be new for Synth Riders players using the Apple Vision Pro?

As of March 22nd Synth Riders will grant access to two new updates – Party Mode and the Game Center.

As we all know, this piece of hardware is far from budget-friendly, which makes it harder for more people to get their hands on it. For those who have grown to really appreciate and use this innovative headset regularly, it will be way easier to enjoy playing Synth Riders with others using the Vision Pro. You’ll be able to access the new Party Mode, which enables players to compete against each other on the same device. There will also be an arcade-style leaderboard, which will serve only your local gameplay scores without affecting the Game Center leaderboard, which tracks the device’s owner performance. Each of the players will use the vision Guest feature, which helps assist in calibrating hand and eye movements, in order to deliver a high-quality interactive player experience.

Game Center achievements will also be added, allowing Synth Riders enthusiasts to earn milestones, check their performance levels, and share their game accomplishments with others.

Players will also be able to stream their local gameplay on any supported Apple TV or AirPlay device.

What’s the reception of Synth Riders on Apple Vision Pro?

The creative director of Kluge Interactive, Abraham Aguero, has shared that Synth Riders’ performance on the Vision Pro has been very successful so far. He’s glad more people get to experience the game for the first time, and those who have been fans of the title for quite some time have the opportunity to play an enhanced version of it. Aguero has stated that the game studio will continue to explore the spatial computer’s capabilities and will make ways for Synth Riders to take advantage of this new technology and thus provide players a more engaging experience.

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