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Takeaways from Eurostaff Connect (VR / AR Meetup)

If you happened to have been in Scandinavia this December, chances are that you missed out on a highly interesting event revolving around Virtual Reality. VR is in an interesting technology and its gradual progress is slowly but surely steering towards becoming part of our day-to-day lives. The foundation shifts constantly, as industry insiders continue to shake the current landscape with exciting innovations in hardware. To celebrate and experiment with this new hardware, we attended  Eurostaffs Meetup ‘Part 2: The #Virtual Story Continues’

This is the second year in a row that Eurostaff Connect has been celebrated, and it remains today one of the largest meetups in Europe (for reference, also see VR Days – an event we covered last month). This year’s event took place in Stockholm, and that was not by accident. As a speaker of the night would later point out, Scandinavia and northern Europe in general, is usually a first mover when it comes to technology.

The Event

The first speaker was Johan Svard from Logtown Studios. Johan argued that Stockholm today is a VR hub booming with tech activity. This is due to many factors, but to name a few, Stockholm is seeing a cluster of gaming-related content and companies. There’s also a lot of gaming going around, and like it or not – gaming is key to the initial growth of our industry. Stockholm also happens to be a generally early adapter, as well as hosting several VR-based companies such as Mimerse and Starbreeze!

Another interesting and noteworthy speaker of the night was Viktor Peterson of CLVR Works. CLVR Works is a 360° production company. If there’s something we can all agree has boomed in the search results and among trend analytics alike, it’s the impact of 360° video content. Another rising giant is that of eSports, and CLVR seems to be combining the two with roaring success. The idea of bringing 360° video into the spectrum of content types, helps shatter the third wall of digital entertainment by inserting the viewer straight into the scenery. We do wish the talented team the very best of luck in their pursuit of a highly vibrant new tech.

BOLDARC made an appearance as well. For those of you who don’t now – Boldarc is a Sweden-based agency that creates VR experiences, tours and similar content. Among its shareholders is Daniel Benitez of Starbreeze!

As many of the attendees of the night was business-owners or employees themselves, the night out was a brilliant investment by branding agency Eqvarium. At their keynote, Katarina Nilsson made a resounding argument for the need for originality in brand facilitation.

The industry is growing, and racing onwards with 200 m/h. There’s thousands of creators pushing and shoving to be first to the table, and this causes an inflated need to be original, and to stand out in the crowd. Still, that’s a Herculean feat, and how do you as a business owner accomplish that? Katarina shared her thoughts on the subject, very well.

WRAPUP and networking

As a follow-up to the keynote speakers presentations, was a networking event in which we had a chance to speak with the good folk over at VR Vision. VR Vision is a local 360° production company, who already have a plethora of projects in their portfolio. Their diverse content is ranging from footage of tigers in the zoo, all the way to a current a project with a doctor during a prostate operation, so people can “attend” the operation and see what happens during such an operation and how everything works. This is an amazing usage of technology.

As the event came to an end, we left the building feeling optimistic about the future of Scandinavia’s influence on the global VR scene. If you would like to learn more about the team at Eurostaff, you can read more on their website, their Facebook profile and presence on Twitter.

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