No Man's Sky VR Adrift Expedition Update

No Man’s Sky Unveils Isolated Adrift Expedition

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A lot has changed in the years since No Man’s Sky released. The game has evolved significantly, but there was something unique at release in how alone players felt in the universe. Early unreleased versions of No Man’s Sky featured no NPCs, no shops, and no help, just the player as a tiny dot lost in the infinite.

For the next update, Hello Games wanted to allow players to experience an alternative universe. This update is called ADRIFT, and for the first time, players can be truly alone in No Man’s Sky. This update aims to recapture the special feeling of solitude.

Adrift Expedition

The Adrift expedition in No Man’s Sky introduces a unique gameplay experience where players navigate an abandoned universe devoid of the usual support systems such as space stations, trading posts, and alien traders. This 13th expedition emphasizes solitude and self-reliance, harking back to the game’s early days of isolation. Players will face new challenges, including roaming sandworms and fiend eggs, while exploring dilapidated structures and ghostly frigates. The expedition offers exclusive rewards like the Iron Vulture starship, stealth paint, and a gnawing scuttler companion. Adrift runs for approximately seven weeks and is available for free to existing players

Adrift Expedition Rewards

Meditation, Alone in the Dark, and Isolation Posters

These posters allow players to contemplate their journey through Adrift, recalling the empty endless void of space and the scale of that infinite, black expanse.

Stealth Paint

An exclusive starship customization option, creating a unique low-radar-signature look for ships.

Starship Wreckage Base Parts

These parts enable players to create a scrapyard aesthetic in habitable bases with the shattered remains of a crashed starship.

Gnawing Scuttler Companion

A vile and nightmarish creature, extracted from the derelict shell of a once-glorious freighter. Despite its dark origins, this companion is trained to be non-violent towards its assigned master.

Ship of the Damned

The remains of a long-abandoned frigate. Despite its ruined condition, with no apparent crew, it sails on through the stars.

Iron Vulture

A unique starship—a high-capacity Hauler with an industrial metal color scheme, featuring scrappable components that allow players to build a new hauler ship.

Development Update

Adrift was initially intended to be the next expedition, but it has since expanded into an update filled with improvements, new unique gameplay content, and rewards.

Hello Games has already released two major updates this year: OMEGA, which invited everyone to try the game for free, and ORBITAL, which overhauled space stations and introduced the long-requested feature of ship customization. The community’s response has been incredible, with players hunting, salvaging, and documenting the hundreds of starship components available to assemble their dream ships.

Much more is planned for 2024, and the journey continues.

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky VR is an expansive and immersive virtual reality adaptation of the popular space exploration game developed by Hello Games. In this VR version, players can explore a procedurally generated universe filled with unique planets, flora, and fauna. The game offers a variety of activities, including mining, base building, underwater exploration, and space travel. The VR experience enhances the sense of scale and presence, making activities like piloting a spaceship or walking on alien worlds feel more realistic and awe-inspiring. The game supports various VR headsets, including PlayStation VR2 and PC VR systems like Oculus Rift and Valve Index, and features intuitive controls and interactive elements that leverage VR technology, such as using wrist-mounted computers and physically manipulating objects. Despite some performance issues on certain platforms, No Man’s Sky VR is praised for its depth, interactivity, and the sheer scale of its universe, providing a unique and engaging experience for VR enthusiasts.

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