The House of Da Vinci VR debut on meta quest

The infamous 3D puzzle game The House of Da Vinci VR will make its Meta Quest Debut in 2024

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The Slovak indie game developer, Blue Brain, has announced that The House of Da Vinci trilogy will be available for Meta Quest devices this 2024. The VR version of this popular game is expected to take full advantage of VR technology’s capabilities and thus improve the overall gaming experience by introducing a higher level of immersion.

What to expect from The House of Da Vinci VR

This VR puzzle adventure game will enable you travel back in time and get yourself engrossed in the world of Renaissance, when some of humanity’s greatest minds have made their contributions to the realms of science and culture. 16th century Italy will be the backdrop of your VR historic adventure in which you’ll have the opportunity to look into Da Vinci’s inventions and mechanical puzzles. The story which the game follows is exactly the same as the original, but immensely enhanced by VR. Each puzzle and location have been carefully crafted to make use of VR properly and thus give a breath of life to the virtual environment.

The player acts as one of Da Vinci’s more gifted apprentices and is set on a mission to find their master as he is nowhere to be found. In order to unravel the mystery surrounding Da Vinci’s disappearance, you have to look through his workshop, solve numerous puzzles and find hidden objects in every part of aesthetically designed rooms. You’ll have to put all your brain cells to work and test your brilliance, in order to figure out the truth.

The developers of the game have even granted players special abilities throughout the game, which would enable them to travel back in time, delve into their master’s inventions and mechanism up to the point when you’ll be capable of work out the secrets of the past and manage the flow of time.

Leonardo’s puzzles and inventions have inspired many of the game’s challenges and the game’s environments have been designed in accordance to the city of Florence during the Renaissance and Da Vinci’s artworks.

Why play The House of Da Vinci VR?

Players who have enjoyed the original PC or mobile version of The House of Da Vinci will be pleasantly surprised by the enhancements done through VR like:

  • Being fully immersed into 16th century Italy and being able to touch each of Leonardo’s infamous inventions and puzzle piece.
  • Intuitively roaming through Da Vinci’s workshop, as you’d do in a real life environment.
  • Seeing through the surfaces and thus finding disguised objects.
  • Being able to experience restrospection in VR.

Speaking of reviewing past events, it is important to note that the original The House of the Vinci has seen true market success, as it has sold more than 500k PC copies and over 4 million copies for mobile devices. The game has received impressive user ratings, which has made it possible for the first part of the trilogy to launch on PlayStation and Xbox consoles in the beginning of 2024.

When is the launch of The House of Da Vinci VR?

The first part of The House of Da Vinci VR trilogy is expected to be available for Meta Quest headsets in late 2024 on both Meta Store and Steam. Those who are eager to play the game can now wishlist it.

Details regarding the development process of The house of Da Vinci VR can be reviews on any of Blue Brain’s social media accounts.

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