The Wizards: Dark Times Brotherhood VR review

The Wizards: Dark Times – Brotherhood

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Genre: Action, Adventure
Compatibility (headsets): Steam VR, Meta Quest 2,3 and Pro, PS VR2
Platforms: Steam Store, PlayStation Store, Meta Store
Minimum requirements:
Features: single / multiplayer, PVP
Release date: June 4, 2020
Developer: Carbon Studio
Price: 24.99 $

In the world of Meliora, players possess the ability to wield elemental magic, specifically Fire, Frost, and Storm spells. These spells require precision and quick decision-making to navigate the challenges presented in the game.

While spellcasting is a core mechanic, Meliora also incorporates strategic elements that test players’ tactical skills.

The game delves into themes of alliances and betrayals, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy to create a complex gaming experience.

Gameplay Features

The Wizards – Dark Times: Brotherhood‘ is a virtual reality game that combines magic and combat elements for an immersive gaming experience. Players are introduced to the realm of Meliora through intricately designed graphics that enhance the visual appeal of the game. The gameplay revolves around utilizing gestures to cast 11 different spells with unique effects, adding a layer of strategy to the combat mechanics.

One of the key features of the game is the option to engage in 3-player co-op mode, where players can team up with friends to tackle new enemies and overcome challenging obstacles together. Additionally, players can choose to specialize in Fire, Frost, or Storm skills, allowing for a more strategic approach to gameplay.

Enhanced Spellcasting Mechanics

‘The Wizards: Dark Times – Brotherhood’ introduces enhanced spellcasting mechanics that offer players precision and control over elemental powers. Wizards can now utilize Fire, Frost, and Storm with accuracy, thanks to the updated spellcasting system.

The gameplay features gesture-based controls for commanding arcane abilities, adding a new layer of interaction to magical combat. With the addition of new spells and abilities, players have a range of strategic choices available during battles.

Cooperative play allows friends to team up against challenging foes, making use of the refined spellcasting mechanics known for their depth and engagement.

New Enemies and Challenges

The Wizards: Dark Times Brotherhood VR gameplay

In ‘The Wizards: Dark Times – Brotherhood’, players will encounter a variety of challenging foes, each with unique abilities and behaviors. The game introduces new enemies and obstacles that require strategic thinking and quick reflexes to overcome. Players will face powerful adversaries that demand mastery of spellcasting skills to defeat. Levels are designed with traps, puzzles, and environmental hazards to provide a diverse gameplay experience.

Different environments test wizardry abilities with surprises and obstacles. Overcoming these challenges will lead to a rewarding and immersive gameplay adventure.

Additional Spells and Abilities

The addition of new spells and abilities in ‘The Wizards: Dark Times – Brotherhood’ expands the gameplay experience by introducing a wider selection of magical powers for players to utilize. These extra spells and abilities offer diverse functionalities and effects, broadening the scope of magical abilities accessible within the game.

Experimenting with different combinations enables players to devise unique combat strategies. Mastery of these additional spells contributes to the depth and complexity of the game, enriching the overall immersive experience.

Players can leverage the variety of spells and abilities available to overcome the obstacles encountered in the dark times of the brotherhood.

Graphics and Visuals Analysis

The graphics and visuals in the Wizards Dark Times Brotherhood exhibit a blend of strengths and weaknesses. The environments within the game are aesthetically pleasing and dynamically change, adding to the immersive experience. Despite some enhancements, the graphics overall reveal signs of aging. Comparatively, the game displays better graphical quality on PC than on the PSVR2 platform, and the OLED display particularly enhances the visual effects when casting spells.

Positive Player Feedback

Players have shown a positive reception towards the enhanced graphics in The Wizards: Dark Times – Brotherhood. The updated visuals contribute to a dark and immersive atmosphere, enriching the spellcasting mechanics within the game.

Many players have found the graphics to be a notable feature, enhancing their overall experience of magic and combat in the game.

In addition to the graphics, the improved spellcasting mechanics have also received praise from players. The new system is commended for its intricacy and responsiveness, adding a strategic element to battles.

The combination of enhanced graphics and spellcasting mechanics has been well-received, indicating a promising direction for The Wizards: Dark Times – Brotherhood.


The Wizards: Dark Times Brotherhood VR graphics

The game has a 7.5/10 rating on Steam from 386 reviews, most with mixed feelings about it. In the Meta Store, it has 4.1/5 from 45 reviews, and in the PlayStation Store, 3.48/5 from 81 reviews.

Community Engagement Strategies

The developer of ‘The Wizards: Dark Times – Brotherhood’ utilizes various interactive platforms to actively engage with the community and gather feedback for enhancing the overall gaming experience. This engagement includes hosting forums, engaging on social media platforms, conducting Q&A sessions, organizing beta tester events, and using in-game surveys to collect player feedback comprehensively.

Final Thoughts From VR Today Magazine

Overall, in ‘The Wizards: Dark Times – Brotherhood,’ players are fully immersed in the magical realm of Meliora, casting powerful spells and facing new challenges with friends by their side.

The enhanced spellcasting mechanics, new enemies, and additional spells provide a deep and engaging gameplay experience.

With positive feedback from players and a focus on community engagement, this virtual reality game truly brings the world of magic to life like never before.

Get ready to unleash your powers and conquer the darkness in ‘The Wizards: Dark Times – Brotherhood.’

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