The Wizards Dark Times Brotherhood patch

The Wizards – Dark Times Brotherhood Update

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The Wizards – Dark Times is a virtual reality (VR) action-adventure game developed by Carbon Studio and published by Vertigo Games. The game received a major free update on  November 28, 2023, called Brotherhood, which added new features most important of which is the 3-player co-op multiplayer. The update also represents enhanced graphics, new spells, and new enemies to fight. It’s a thrilling patch that will drive the game into a new dimension.


The biggest addition in the Brotherhood update is the introduction of 3-player co-op multiplayer.

Players can now team up with friends to battle enemies and explore the world of Meliora together. Each player chooses a mage, specialized in one of three class-specific skills – Fire, Frost, or Storm – each with their own unique skill trees and abilities. Fire mage is the typical damage dealer, good both in AOE and single target damage. The frost mage is focused on the defense, while the Storm mage plays the support role.

All those three classes have their unique advantages. It is not necessary to play all the three different classes. People may choose to play three fire wizards and burst everything along the way or three frost mages and slow and freeze their foes.

Also, adding at least 12 new spells makes the creation of different builds possible. That addition gives an extra dimension to the game.  

Coordination and teamwork between classes are important to overcome challenges. The co-op supports both cross-platform multiplayer between PC VR and Quest headsets, as well as online matchmaking. New enemies and variants that require teamwork to defeat were added. Existing levels were updated with new objectives, challenges, and layouts designed for a party of wizards.

Enhanced Graphics

The visuals of the game were overhauled to take advantage of the power of modern VR headsets. This includes higher-resolution textures, improved lighting, better anti-aliasing for smoother edges, and higher poly models. Shadow and reflection quality were also improved. The graphics upgrades are most noticeable on the Meta Quest 3, which can display dynamic lighting and shadows thanks to its increased GPU power. Overall, the remastered graphics help further immerse players in the mystical world.

Refined Gameplay

Aside from the multiplayer, the Brotherhood update also refined and polished the core gameplay of The Wizards – Dark Times. The spell casting controls were tweaked to make gestures faster, more accurate, and feel more natural. New spells were added to expand the wizard’s arsenal. More environmental interactions were added, like climbing over rocks or riding atop trolls. This allows players to further immerse themselves and interact with the world in new ways.

Overall, Brotherhood represents a major expansion that elevates The Wizards – Dark Times into a multiplayer action adventure with modern visuals and refined gameplay. It’s an excellent reason for both new and returning players to experience this VR spellcasting adventure.

Read the full patch notes here:

Reception and Final Thoughts

The game goes into its 4th year of existence, and so far, it has received mostly positive reviews from the audience. The new skills will make a serious impact on the gameplay as well as the multiplayer mode. It has so far 7/10 rating on the Steam Platform.

With the addition of this massive patch and the possibility to create different skill sets, this is a must-play hot vr game that you should definitely try.

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    Hi, could we have a graphics comparison between the meta version and the steam version, after patch Nov 28 2023?

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      Hi Andy,

      This is a great idea. We will make sure to test it and get back to you!

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