Best VR Guitar Games review

Best VR Guitar Games

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Virtual Reality apps and games are capable of offering a realistic simulation of almost any activity. When it comes to musical instruments, VR can deliver a fun and educative experience, which can turn a dull evening into an entertaining one to even share with friends. The guitar is among the most popular musical instruments, which is used in a myriad of genres. Therefore, more people are striving to learn to play this specific instrument.

This article is focused on showcasing the best VR guitar games, which will be suitable for those interested in trying to play a virtual guitar and even compete with others.

Key Takeaways

  • The best VR guitar games are chosen based on their ability to simulate playing guitar, visuals and sound quality, overall gameplay, accessibility for all levels of players, and user experience and reviews.
  • VR guitar games with unique features and gameplay mechanics include Rock Band VR, Unplugged Air Guitar VR, Live the Guitar, Rocking Legend VR, and Band Space.
  • Some VR guitar games are focused on learning and skill development, offering tutorials, challenges, and mini-games to improve playing techniques.
  • VR guitar games with a social aspect and multiplayer features allow for jam sessions, collaboration, and social interaction with other players.

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How we chose the best VR guitar games

The criteria for selection included the game’s ability to simulate the feeling of playing guitar, its visuals, sound quality, and overall gameplay.

We also looked at the game’s accessibility, whether it was suitable for all levels of players, and the overall user experience.

Additionally, we took into account the game’s availability across various platforms and whether it offered a range of features, such as the ability to create and share songs.

We also made sure the game had an engaging story or narrative, as well as good reviews from players.

Guitar King VR

GuitarKingVR is a virtual reality guitar simulation game designed for Oculus Quest platforms. It offers players an immersive experience where they can play different songs in various locations. The game emphasizes skill and accuracy in guitar playing, encouraging players to grab the right chords and rock out energetically. GuitarKingVR is more than a simple air guitar game; it provides a realistic guitar-playing experience with visual cues like flying picks to guide players. The game includes features that allow players to switch from beginner to rockstar mode, enhancing their ability to showcase their guitar skills in a virtual environment.

Rock Band VR

Best VR Guitar Games gameplay

Rock Band VR provides a truly immersive guitar experience with its revolutionary music game specifically designed for VR and Oculus Touch.

Players can experiment with different chords, notes, and strum speeds to create their own sound and become rock gods on leaderboards. By chaining together combos and earning stars, players can become rock gods and dominate the global leaderboards.

Classic Mode allows players to rock out on the familiar ‘note highway’ and show off their technical skills.

Freestyle mode gives players the freedom to improvise and make solos during performances.

There’s no multiplayer mode, but single-player mode still offers a full campaign and leaderboard competition.

Rock Band VR is available on PC VR and Oculus Go2.


Unplugged Air Guitar VR offers an interactive and immersive way to master the guitar without ever touching a real instrument. Players can rock out on a virtual air guitar by making chord shapes with their left hand and strumming with their right. The more accurate they are, the more combos they can unlock to rack up a higher score.

Players can choose from 23 songs that come with the game, plus additional DLC music packs. Hand Tracking 2.0 maps the player’s hand movements in real-time, so no touch controllers are needed. In addition, Windows 10 and later versions are supported by Steam Client.

Unplugged is available for purchase on the Oculus Store (where it has a 4.2/5 rating) and SteamVR for $24.99.

Live the Guitar

Live the Guitar takes things one step further by allowing you to experience playing in a rock band in the virtual world. The game features 4K 360 real videos, customizable guitars and characters, and licensed songs.

Players can learn to play the guitar through tutorials, challenges, and mini-games and record their own music in the built-in studio. Jam session mode lets you team up with friends for a truly immersive experience.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, you’ll find something to enjoy in this game. Live the Guitar offers a realistic and engaging way for you to enjoy playing the guitar without needing to practice every day.

You can purchase Live the Guitar for $9.99 from SteamVR.

Rocking Legend

Rocking Legend VR puts players in the shoes of a virtual rock star, letting them play guitar or drums in dynamic virtual environments.

The original soundtrack and a campaign mode make this a must-play for rock fans. The game also features 40+ songs from across a variety of genres, including rock, pop, and jazz. You can also create custom playlists and compete with others in online leaderboards.

Not only that, but you can customize both your character and your instrument. With great rhythm and timing, you’ll be able to hit all the notes as they come down the screen to the beat of the music.

Rocking Legend has a 7/10 rating on Steam, and it can be purchased for $20.99.

Band Space

Best VR Guitar Games graphics

Band Space is another great VR guitar game that enables players to create their own band, customize instruments, and create their own songs.

The game also offers a multiplayer mode for up to four players, allowing them to collaborate and perform music together.

With unique stages and sound effects, players can enjoy an authentic band experience.

Additionally, Band Space has a great social aspect, allowing players to make friends and connect with others.

This game is available through the Oculus Store App Lab, as it is still being developed.

Become a Star

While you can become a rock star in Band Space, Become a Star takes you one step further and allows you to experience the life of a celebrity. It lets you embark on a journey to success as a musician. You can choose between guitar or drums as your instrument and prepare concerts on stage while feeling the energy of the crowd.

With Become A Star, you can customize your character, choose from different career paths, and interact with other characters.

You can battle it out in challenges and compete to gain fame and fortune. Plus, you can also choose between guitar or drums as your instrument and perform concerts on stage while feeling the energy of the crowd.

You can get Become a Star on SteamVR for $9.99.


When it comes to VR guitar games, there may not be a great variety to choose from, however, those featured in this article have both entertainment and learning purposes. For example, Live the Guitar takes a more educational approach, allowing you to learn how to play the instrument in a fun, virtual reality environment. Meanwhile, Band Space and Rocking Legend provide you with a fun and less demanding VR experience. Each VR guitar game is suitable for low-entry and advanced VR users and music lovers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other music VR Games?

Yes, we have a nice selection of our favorite Beat Saber alternatives and the best VR Drum Games. Make sure to check them both!

What Hardware Do I Need to Play VR Guitar Games?

To play virtual guitar games, you’ll need a VR headset, a gaming PC or console, and a compatible guitar controller.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Playing VR Guitar Games?

Most VR guitar games don’t have age restrictions, but it’s important to check the game’s rating before playing.

Can I Play With Other People When Playing VR Guitar Games?

Yes, VR guitar games like Rock Band VR provide multiplayer mode.

Are There Any Additional Costs Associated With Playing VR Guitar Games?

Yes, depending on the game, you may need to purchase extra controllers or hardware to be able to play. Check the game’s requirements to make sure you have everything you need.

Which VR Guitar Game Offers the Best Sound Quality?

Although all of the mentioned VR games provide good music quality, Unplugged, and Rock Band VR are probably the highest-rated among audiophiles.

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