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Ultimate Fishing Simulator Announces Remastered Version and Future Plans for 2024-2025

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Ultimate Fishing Simulator, the popular fishing simulation game, has announced a remastered version of the game set to launch in 2024. The remastered version will be available as a free update for all existing users, bringing a host of improvements and new features.

The remastered version will upgrade the game to the Unity HDRP 2022 LTS, introducing a new water system and weather system and redesigning base game maps. The game’s water physics will be revamped, and the user interface and controller will see improvements. The game will also feature a full VR rework, and the LWR 3.0 + randomizer will be applied to all fish in the game. The gameplay mechanics will also see significant improvements.

In addition to the base game, all DLC maps will also be redesigned as part of the remaster. The developers have already started working on the map redesign and have shared the first pictures of the revamped Betty Lake.

The remastered version will also feature a complete rework of the VR experience, aiming to provide a true “fishing” experience in VR. The developers have also announced that full multiplayer support will be added in 2025 as a free update.

The roadmap for 2024-2025 reveals plans for more maps, more fish, and bigger challenges, although some details are yet to be revealed.

Changes for Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR Owners

As of January 19th, 2024, Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR and its DLCs are no longer available in the Steam store. However, those who owned the VR version or its DLCs have received the same content in the non-VR version of Ultimate Fishing Simulator, and all owned DLCs.

The VR app will no longer be updated and is officially at its end-of-life and end-of-support. The developers have made this decision to unite all players, allowing non-VR players to play with VR players, which will facilitate faster updates and easier support.

For those concerned about their progress in Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR, the developers have released an update that detects if you played the VR version. If you did and have saves, you can migrate them to the non-VR version of Ultimate Fishing Simulator. However, migrating will override your existing saves from the non-VR game.

Join the Ultimate Fishing Simulator Community

The developers have also invited everyone to join their Ultimate Fishing Simulator Discord server, where players can chat with the developers and other players.

The developers are looking forward to receiving feedback, thoughts, and suggestions from the community as they continue to improve and expand the Ultimate Fishing Simulator experience

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