Ultimate Fashion Guide for Gorilla Tag

Dress to Impress: Your Ultimate Guide to Gorilla Tag Fashion and How to Customize Your Avatar

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Hey VR enthusiasts! Dive into the stylish world of Gorilla Tag fashion and transform your avatar into a trendsetter. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned player, here’s how you can stand out with unique and eye-catching looks.

What is Gorilla Tag Fashion?

Gorilla Tag fashion is all about customizing your avatar with cool colors and awesome gear. You can use color codes and in-game cosmetics to create a unique style that represents you. The community shares their fashion creations on social media and even hosts virtual fashion shows. It’s like a digital runway where everyone can showcase their creativity!

Gorilla Tag Fashion Quiz

Test your knowledge of the stylish world of Gorilla Tag fashion! This quiz covers everything from the in-game currency used to purchase cosmetic items to tips for creating bold, eye-catching looks. See how well you understand the different outfit ideas, gear options, and color codes that allow players to customize their avatars and stand out in the virtual playground. Whether you're a seasoned Gorilla Tag player or just getting started, this quiz will challenge your grasp of the game's ever-evolving fashion scene.

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Which of these is NOT mentioned as one of the "Best Outfit Ideas" color schemes?

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What is one tip for creating a bold and eye-catching look in Gorilla Tag?

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How can you get gear like hats and accessories in Gorilla Tag?

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What are Shiny Rocks used for in Gorilla Tag?

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Getting Started: Shiny Rocks, Gear, and Colors

What are Shiny Rocks?

Shiny Rocks are the in-game currency used to purchase cosmetics in Gorilla Tag. You can earn them daily or buy them with real money.

How to Get Gear in Gorilla Tag

  1. Head to the City: Visit the in-game city where you can shop for cosmetics.
  2. Browse and Buy: Use your Shiny Rocks to purchase hats, glasses, accessories, and more.

Choosing Colors

  1. Open the Game: Start Gorilla Tag on your VR headset.
  2. Navigate to Settings: Go to the computer in stump and go down to color.
  3. Enter Codes: click on the number that you want of that color!

Top Fashion Tips for Gorilla Tag

Want to elevate your style? Here’s how:

Experiment with Colors: Find a shade that makes your avatar stand out.

Mix and Match: Combine different accessories to create a cohesive look.

Stay Bold: Don’t shy away from trying bold and unconventional styles.

Seasonal Updates: Look out for limited-time offers and seasonal items.

Engage with the Community: Share your outfits and get inspired by others.

Best Outfit Ideas for Gorilla Tag

Bestr Gorilla Tag outfits

Classic Black and White

  • Color Code: Black (0, 0, 0)
  • Cosmetics: Top Hat, Monocle, Black Bowtie
  • Look: Timeless and sophisticated.

Jungle Green

  • Color Code: Green (0, 3, 0)
  • Cosmetics: Leaf Crown, Aviator Sunglasses, Camouflage Vest
  • Look: Adventurous and outdoorsy.

Cool Blue

  • Color Code: Blue (0, 0, 2)
  • Cosmetics: Beanie, Round Glasses, Scarf
  • Look: Chill and laid-back.

Sunset Orange

  • Color Code: Orange (3, 2, 0)
  • Cosmetics: Bandana, Round Shades, Backpack
  • Look: Vibrant and energetic.

Royal Purple

  • Color Code: Purple (1, 0, 1)
  • Cosmetics: Crown, Cape, Scepter
  • Look: Regal and majestic.

Ice White

  • Color Code: White (3, 3, 3)
  • Cosmetics: Snow Goggles, Winter Hat, Mittens
  • Look: Crisp and clean.

Electric Yellow

  • Color Code: Yellow (3, 3, 0)
  • Cosmetics: Headphones, Sunglasses, Jacket
  • Look: Bold and modern.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much are Shiny Rocks?

500 Shiny Rocks: $4.99 USD

1,200 Shiny Rocks: $9.99 USD

2,500 Shiny Rocks: $19.99 USD

5,500 Shiny Rocks: $39.99 USD?

What to Do If I Can’t Buy Shiny Rocks?

No worries! You get 100 Shiny Rocks for free every 24 hours. Just log in daily to accumulate them.

What Fashion Should I Avoid?

Avoid copying popular YouTubers’ styles and steer clear of the party hat to avoid being mistaken for a “minigames kid.”


Gorilla Tag fashion is your chance to shine and show off your unique style. Experiment with colors, mix and match accessories, and stay engaged with the community to keep up with the latest trends. Happy styling, and see you in the game!

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