UNDERDOGS VR releases ROADMAP and Update 1.0.2

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UNDERDOGS VR is a VR mech fighting game where players engage in combat inside a gigantic gorilla mech suit. Set in a dystopian, cyberpunk world, the game features a stylish aesthetic with vibrant neon colors, comic strip-style story panels, and an intense soundscape. Players can experience a variety of combat strategies and equipment options, with tactile feedback enhancing the immersive experience. The game supports movement through a unique system that avoids traditional slide movement, adding to the immersion. UNDERDOGS VR is praised for its engaging combat, immersive world, and sound design, making it a standout title in the VR gaming space

Three weeks following its explosive launch, UNDERDOGS, the latest sensation from One Hamsa, has already made significant waves in the gaming community. The team at One Hamsa is not resting on their laurels, however, as they have just unveiled their ambitious development roadmap alongside the release of update 1.0.2, promising a future filled with enhancements and expansions for as long as possible.

The Development Roadmap Unveiled

One Hamsa’s commitment to the evolution of UNDERDOGS is evident in their newly released development roadmap. Although subject to change, this roadmap offers players a glimpse into the future of the game, outlining the direction and scope of planned updates and expansions. The team pledges to keep the roadmap current, adjusting it as their plans evolve, ensuring the community remains informed and engaged with the game’s progression.

Highlights of Update 1.0.2

The latest update, version 1.0.2, introduces a plethora of enhancements and new features designed to enrich the UNDERDOGS experience:

  • Middle Finger Enabled: A bold addition that allows players to express themselves in a uniquely digital manner.
  • New Bashguard Models: The update introduces new models for the Stun, Blast, Power, and Kinoflectic bashguards, adding variety and depth to the game’s combat system.
  • New Art Assets: Players can enjoy new illustrations of characters Bulfas and Nait, a new mech starting-up sound effect that plays after calibration, and an immersive rain effect in The Killbox (PC only), enhancing the game’s visual and auditory appeal.
  • Improved Jab Detection: Combat mechanics have been refined with improved jab detection, making fights more responsive and satisfying.
  • Quitting Mid-Combat: Players can now quit in the middle of combat without losing all progress, as the game will save their HP and partial progress.
  • SteamVR Bindings: The update adds new SteamVR bindings for locomotion and effector action, improving the game’s playability and accessibility.
  • Bug Fixes: A significant number of small bug fixes have been implemented, along with fixes for some rare critical bugs, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience.

A Commitment to Expansion

The team at One Hamsa has made it clear that the journey for UNDERDOGS is just beginning. With the release of the development roadmap and update 1.0.2, they are setting the stage for a long-term commitment to the game’s growth and improvement. Players can look forward to a continuously evolving game that responds to their feedback and the developers’ creative vision.

As UNDERDOGS continues to smash through the gaming scene, its community can rest assured that One Hamsa is dedicated to delivering a dynamic, engaging, and ever-improving experience. The roadmap and the latest update are just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting journey for players and developers alike.

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