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‘VAIL VR’ Set for Official Launch on Meta Quest Store

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After a significant period of development and community-driven refinement, AEXLAB’s virtual reality multiplayer shooter, VAIL VR, is poised to transition from early access to a full release on the Meta Quest Store. The official launch is scheduled for February 15, 2024, and will be priced at $29.99 USD.

A Labor of Love

The journey of VAIL VR began with the vision of AEXLAB founders, brothers Albert and Jonathan Ovadia. Their goal was to create a VR multiplayer shooter that not only emphasized gunplay but also fostered social interactions among players. The game initially launched in early access on SteamVR in November 2022 and later expanded to Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro via App Lab.

New Features at Launch

The official release of VAIL VR will introduce a host of new features, including:

  • An advanced matchmaking system that supports cross-play between Meta Quest and Steam platforms.
  • An in-game progression system that allows players to unlock weapons and skins.
  • An expanded arsenal with the addition of new weapons such as the Deagle and Shotguns.
  • The introduction of two new maps, Atmos and Void.
  • A revamped Friends List with in-game party capabilities.
  • Comprehensive leaderboards and stats tracking for competitive play.

Players can explore 12 maps with over 30 variations tailored for different game modes, including Search and Destroy, Capture the Flag, Hardpoint, and 1v1 Duels. The game’s progression system encourages players to level up and gain prestige, unlocking various customizations along the way.

Community Incentives

In anticipation of the launch, AEXLAB is offering the Crash Dummy cosmetics pack to all players who try the game on App Lab before the official release. This pack includes the Colonist and MK23 Crash Dummy skins.

Moreover, the VR Master League (VRML) is set to inaugurate Season 1 of VAIL VR with an initial prize pool of $10,000 USD cash. Interested players are encouraged to join the VAIL – VRML Discord to find a team and participate in the tournament.

Joining the VAIL VR Community

For those looking to immerse themselves in the VAIL VR experience and connect with the community, the developers have provided a Discord channel at This platform serves as a hub for players to discuss the game, form teams, and stay updated on the latest news and events.


VAIL VR’s full release on the Meta Quest Store marks a significant milestone for AEXLAB and the VR gaming community. With its focus on tactical gameplay, social interaction, and competitive integrity, VAIL VR is set to offer an immersive and engaging experience for VR enthusiasts and competitive gamers alike

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