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Vertigo 2 Botomless update brings major changes to the game

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In the most recent announcement, Zulubo Productions, creators of one of the best games in the VR world today, Vertigo 2 shared they are preparing a huge update for their fans. As introduced as the only content for Vertigo 2, that update will be unique for the game.

It’s called Bottomless Update, and since it will be the only for this series, the developers took many existential things into account. They have focused on two very important things:

– replayability and

– long-term enjoyment

New features

In the video they shared on YouTube, some of the main features have been shared:

Firstly, Mutators. They allow players to choose one or many different options that will affect the gameplay. Now, you can choose a God Mode that makes you immune to all damage. Here are the other options you can choose from:

– infinite ammo (infinite ammo in belt, but you still have to reload)

– double vision (All enemies are doubled(except bosses)

– bullet time (slow time whenever you like by pulling the trigger on your non-dominant hand)

– big head mode (All enemy and NPC heads are enlarged (except enemies without well-defined heads)

– glass cannon ( enemy health is reduced by 80%. Your health is also reduced by 80%)

– Left 5 Dead ( A red handyman is spawned every time you kill an enemy)

– Reactor Roulette ( Weapon is randomized every 30 sec, and after you get a kill)

– Enemy Randomizer (All enemies are replaced with a random different enemy. Does not apply to bosses)

– Frankquito ( Frank will accompany you through the entire game(except when Frank is already in a level)

– Turbo Mode ( Game speed increased by 30%)

– Sk8r Girl (All Surfaces have ice physics.)

– Equal and Opposite ( Firing guns and taking damage propels you. Motion sickness warning)

New Characters

The second, but not less important, is adding 3 new characters to play with: Brian, Officer 13, and Nani. The new characters have unique skills, talents, and completely different gameplay.


is a Boomer Shooter, He uses the old-school play style of FPS with some usual ammo and health picks. He is super fast and very fun to play with:

– faster movement

– ammo + health pickups

– No health replenishing or ammo synthesizer

Officer 13

is a robot and has a holographic HUD that shows the enemy’s health and damage stats as well as a very useful mini-map and radar.

– higher health

– holographic HUD

– supply Drops


is a cute monster and focuses on Psychic Damage. Her are unique talents are:

– Levitation

– Telekinesis

– Magic attacks

– Higher recoil

Nani could also summon a protective shield. Her ability Telekinesis makes it possible to pick up all kinds of small objects in the world, making her play style unique and also very fun to play.

Level Editor

The third and final part of the patch is the Level Editor. This allows you to create an entirely VR environment up to your taste either from scratch or by editing an existing campaign environment. This editor has been significantly improved since remastering the game and is now fully capable of a lot of different stuff. It also supports importing models, textures, and sounds.

The developers also left the possibility to upload and download the new created from the fans levels from the community all in the game.

The update will be free to play.

Based on everything we said about the patch, we are looking forward to playing it and enjoying the world of Vertigo 2.

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