Virtuix Omni: Enter A New World

What are the key components to a completely immersive, virtual experiene and is Virtuix Omni one of them?

Surely, we have to mention straight away the headset that makes it all possible. This is the first cornerstone of the VR puzzle, but what comes next? All over the world, talented teams of developers are pitching in, venturing their guess.

One of these teams, are the members working on the Virtuix Omni. Led by their founder, Jan. His company has spent the last couple of years developing the Omni, a treadmill thay in combination with the virtual headmount blends immersive reality together with free movement.

Strap yourself with the harness and your special Omni-ready shoes, and you can walk, run, crouch and sneak around on an omni-directional platform.

That’s right – you can actually get exercise while partaking in immersive experiences like gaming, 360 videos and virtual reality. This is a tremendous step forward in taking the VR industry into the mainstream.


Back in 2013, Jan Goetgeluk, an investment banker at J.P. Morgan decided that it was time to take his idea of innovating Virtual Reality to the next level. He wanted to bring movement and actual physical excersise to the world of immersive technology.

In 2013, his idea goes on Kickstarter. Here, it grew to be one of the 10 biggest technology campaigns on the platform. The name – Virtuix Omni

“Try resist throwing money at the screen”  Engadget

Thousand of soon-to-be-fans viewed the campaign, and donated to the cause. When the campaign met it’s end, the Virtuix Omni team had raid a total of US $1,109,351.

Since then, the Virtuix Omni has become a well-known piece of Virtual Reality technology. In fact, it has been showcased in several of the major tech events, including:

  • PAX 2013
  • CES 2014
  • CES 2015
  • GDC 2015
  • Digital Taipei
  • TEDx Houston 2013

We have dug up a video of YouTube Gaming Celebrity Markiplier, trying out the Omni for the first time. Enjoy the Virtuix Omni, and the soothing voice of one of the Internet’s biggest video streaming legends.

Staying in Shape with the Virtuix Omni

Throughout history, there has been a vast array of products, aimed to make exercise fun. The tv-shop get-fit-easy equipment have found a serious contender. What better way to lose a few pounds, than to be roaming free in a beautiful, virtual landscapes?

The omni-directional pad is an interesting new technology, that will no doubt spark new, exciting innovations in excersise-related machinery and equipment. Who in their right mind, wouldn’t love to get moving around the world of Skyrim in virtual reality?



  • Weight: 50 Kg’s

  • Height: 122cm

  • Diameter: Adjustable,  142cm – 195cm

  • Price: $699

What’s Next?

Having access to a piece of equipment that let’s you step into the canvas in your game of choice, is something that has been dreamed off by Virtual Reality enthusiasts for decades. Thanks to the Omni team, this is no longer a far-fetched fantasy, but a project well on it’s way.

For years, the entertainment industry has been tied to making digital products for consumers they know are fixed in a locked, sitting position.

Expanding the posibilities of not only what we can produce, but who we can reach as content creators clears the way forward for a new and exciting time to be alive.

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