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Nick Rasmussen

It would seem like if this week’s content here at VR Today Magazine would have had a theme, that theme would be a awe-inspiring trip through a space Odyssey. We have been reporting on a lot of interesting space-related content since Sunday. With pieces ranging from Star Wars to Virtual School busses roaming on the surface of Mars, and exploring the night sky, we figured – why stop while you’re on a roll?

With that in place, we will end our Space week with a bang. Today we’ll take a look at the heart of Jupiter’s moon, in a VR-dedicated game, built by the super talented team over at HeadTrip games. The game is currently compatible with both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift.

IoMoon – Lunar Exploration

As an experience, IoMoon begins as a dark, unpleasant and wondrous journey through a strange and yet hauntingly beautiful extra terrestrial environment. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen before in modern gaming, let alone Virtual Reality. This does not feel like an indie experience.

The environment found on Jupiter’s moon (while first perceived as nothing but a bombarded and ruined surface somewhere along the edge of space) actually reveals itself as a biological entity teeming with mysterious and grotesque forms of life. Combining that, with the beautiful sound provided by the award-winning composer Garry Schyman, it all comes together like pieces in a puzzle, that you will have to see to see to believe.

“Explore and survive while gathering evidence of possible life on another world. Streaming technology allows for a nonstop adventure into a world filled with “things” to discover as 3D audio fills the world around you!”

While we know that this is a lot of praise to give any one application or experience, these developers have earned it. In fact, if you want to showcase what Virtual Reality is all about, to friends, family, the odd cousin or your grandmother, this is the one thing they will have to see before anything else. Don’t take our word for it. Here’s an actual reward handed to the developers by the Oculus Team for “pioneering Virtual Reality”.


Realistic Roaches

While science fiction writers and screen casters through time (especially on the big screen over at Hollywood), often have imagined alien life in space to be at least semi-human and recognizable, the types of life showcased in this experience, actually feels like it they might have occurred through the process of biological evolution. That’s a gold star by our books.

What’s Next for IoMoon?

If you would like to learn more about IoMoon and Headtrip Games, you can check out their website, their Facebook Page, Twitter Profile or presence on YouTube. Their game can be purchased on the Oculus Store and on Steam.

Written by Nick Rasmussen

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