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The Void VR: GhostBusters, Hybrid Reality and Times Square

Let’s talk about The Void a bit. With it’s first few steps towards mainstream adaptation carefully treaded, Virtual Reality is slowly but surely making it’s way into our lives. While we’re still not quite at the place in time where a virtual treadmills, headsets and VR suits are present in the hearths and homes of every John & Jane Doe, we’re not quite as far away as one may think. Innovations like the these will be the first step in our way to transform digital experiences into the realm of the real, tangible physical world outside the screen and binary systems. 

The Void: Enter A New World

What’s next though? A team of highly talented Utah-based innovators have weighed in with what they believe might be the next big thing. After thorough research and development, they have it. “The Void” is the name they have given the concept of a massive, customised area, where you can interact with the environment in your favourite digital experience. Yes, it would actually be there for you to see, to touch and to feel. For a test drive of the concept, have a look at The Void’s launch video:

This is the promise that comes with technologies like The Void, and we’re psyched to see how much of an impact this will have on the future developments within the Virtual Reality industry in general. We have seen bold innovation in the past, but so far, this one is on of the top names on the list. These are actual VR-based physical attractions and that may just be what’s necessary for us as an industry to change how the outside world perceive Virtual Reality, and it’s future role in society.. 

GhostBusters in Times Square

If you’re an 80’s kid, you will no doubt have heard of the GhostBusters in some way or another during those prime years growing up. You may even happen to be among one of the firebrand fans, still engaged in the franchise 32 years later.

So. From an office in Utah, the team behind The Void did a collaboration with Sony Pictures. The result was in an actual real-life Ghostbusters experience within Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Times Square. This will be filled to the brim with just as much humour and gloom as the original movies brought us, back in the day. The only difference is – you will be the one strapped with a vacuum cleaner to your back, and it will be you who will be wearing that awesome suit you have come to know and love.

CNET has provided an interesting video on the subject, and if you’re up for a view, take it for a spin here. The gates to the Ghostbusters Experience will be on the 1st of July, while the movie won’t be hitting the theaters until the 15th, which gives you plenty of time to pre-live the experience in VR first!

Stay tuned for any further developments on The Void and similar projects. We’re looking forward to what’s next!

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