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VR Esports Leagues to watch out for in 2024

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Esports go hand in hand with traditional video games, however as VR gaming has started to grow a greater player audience, the need for VR esports leagues has also become apparent. The opportunity to face diverse opponents in a structured championship season is appealing to any devoted gamer. However, it is important to note that since VR games are not as accessible as PC games, this makes the player pool rather modest and not mainstream enough to attract potential sponsors and even viewers.

In this article, we’ve highlighted the two most popular and regularly active VR Esports Leagues, which will continue to manage VR game championships and tournaments in 2024.

What is VR Esports?

VR eSports is a combination of competitive multiplayer gaming using the physical movements of VR technology. In VR eSports, players physically embody their playable characters, meaning that the VR eSports games require a lot more physical effort from the players’ end. In-game motions are directly affected by a player’s natural movement. VR eSports combines several aspects, such as the eye-hand coordination of eSports and reaction times, with the physical skills of traditional sports, like stamina.

VR eSports is different from traditional eSports in several ways. VR eSports games require the use of VR technology, such as headsets, joysticks, and motion sensors. Spectators of VR eSports are much more engaged in the competition, as they have much more to take in. These spectators are not only looking at the virtual world but can also watch a player’s physical movements. The rise of VR gaming is likely to result in the creation of VR-specific leagues.

VR Master League

VR Master League is a top-notch hub for competitive virtual reality gaming. They provide a platform where gamers can come together, test their skills, and compete in various VR titles. VRML operates based on the principles of fair play, sportsmanship, and camaraderie. They offer a range of benefits to their community members, including competitive leagues, tournaments, and a vibrant and passionate VR gaming community. To join the community, you can explore their supported games, join the relevant game-specific Discord server, practice your skills, and participate in leagues and tournaments.

Supported VR Games

  • Breachers – one competitive season
  • Onward – the first ever VR game on VRML; 15 Onward World Championships on VRML
  • Pavlov – 13 competitive seasons
  • Vail – one competitive season
  • Tennis Esports – one championship
  • Snap Shot – five World Championships on VRML
  • Blaston – two competitive seasons
  • Ultimechs – one competitive season on VRML

Competitions and prize pools

During each competition season, viewers can watch a live broadcast of the games on either Twitch or YouTube.


The first-ever VRML championship season of Breachers ended at the end of January 2024. The prize pool was $ 10,000 in cash and gear. There were 3 winners from each region (Europe and North America).


The 15th World Championship of Onward on VRML ended on the 14th of January, 2024. The Worldwide Champions Imperial was awarded with $500 from ProtubeVR and 1 VR Cover kit per team member. The next World Cup season is yet to be announced.


The 13th championship season of Pavlov on VRML started January 29th and will last 15 weeks. Regular matches will be held during the first 12 weeks, and the remaining 3 weeks will consist of tournaments determining the champions. The prize pool is yet to be revealed.


The first-ever competition season of VAIL on VRML started on January 15th, 2024. This marked the beginning of the preseason stage, which will last 3 weeks, which will be followed by 12 weeks of regular matches and then 3 post-season weeks filled with tournaments, which will determine the season’s champions.

Tennis Esports

The first season of Tennis Esports on VRML ended on the 3rd of February 2024. Although the prize pool of $1000 was quite modest, the top 4 players each got a piece of this financial reward.


The fifth competitive season of Snapshot began on January 1st 2024 and will be 12 weeks long – 8 of them will be filled with regular matches and during the last 3 the champions will be determined. The post-season playoffs will start on the 11th of March, and there was also a Mid-Season Cup, which took place on February 3rd. The prize for the champions has not yet been announced.


The second competitive season of Blaston on VRML starts February 20th 2024 and will be 13 weeks long – 11 of them will be filled with regular matches and the final tournaments will be held during the last 2 weeks. New competitors will need to take part in at least 3 matches to be put on the ladder. The prize pool of the second season will be $1 500, which will be divided across the two regions of Europe and North America.


The first-ever VRML competition season of Ultimechs took place between the 27th of February and May 20th, 2023, as the prize pool was only $500. The second season is yet to be announced.


VREL Esports,аха also known as Virtual Reality Esports League, is a gaming community and league that focuses on competitive VR (virtual reality) games. The goal of the platform is to provide unique competitive experiences, new team opportunities, and fun for gamers. VREL supports various games and has specific rules and codes of conduct for all participants. The League aims to create a platform where players can engage in competitive VR gaming and build a strong gaming community.

VREL has a Code of Conduct that all participants must follow. This code includes rules such as treating others with respect in-game, on social media, and at live events. Players are also expected to play fairly and within the stated rules. It is important for participants to refrain from using discriminatory language, hate speech, harassment, bullying, doxing, threats, or engaging in any unlawful behavior. In addition to the general Code of Conduct, players must also adhere to game-specific rules and meet player eligibility criteria when competing in VREL events.

Supported VR games, competitions, and prize pools

These are the currently supported VR games on VREL’s platform:

Population One

This VR game has a six-week competition season on VREL, as during the first three weeks, everyone can join and play, whereas during the last three, the competitions are closed. After that, the final tournament takes place. The overall winner receives a $500 cash prize, for second place there was a $300 cash prize and third place got $200 in cash. According to VREL’s archive, the last championship took place at the end of 2022, and 25 teams competed against each other.


The 2024 Contractors 5v5 VREL League season begins on the 13th of February. The season will be 12 weeks long, and after that, the playoff tournaments featuring the top 10 teams will take place. The roster lock will occur during week 10. And prizes are yet to be revealed. VREL organizes many Contractors competitions throughout the year, both 1v1 and 5v5.

Echo VR

Echo Arena has had quite a few competitions organized by VREL, however the last one took place back in 2022. With that being said, there haven’t been any updates regarding upcoming tournaments or matches. From past history, you can see that the competitions were regionally locked (either for Europe or the Americas), and the prizes consisted of VREL merch, BoboVR accessories, and game skins.


Onward’s 2024 VREL competition season started on January 30th. It will be 16 weeks long, which will be followed by the final playoffs. 21 teams are currently in the race to become the season’s champions. The prize pool has not yet been announced.


This year’s Pavlov EU championship starts on the 20th of February. As usual, the season will take place over 12 weeks, and after that, the playoffs will be held during the post-season session. From past history, it is evident that VREL’s Pavlov competitions don’t attract as many players – no more than 5 teams take part in the event.

Wands Alliance

Wands Alliance isn’t that popular on VREL either. This VR game has had only one Invitational back in 2022 during which 6 teams competed against each other. The first place prize consisted of 3x bHaptics X40 Tactsuits, and the second place winners received a 3x $100 Mamut gift card.


Breachers is one of the most popular VR esports games, as evidenced by VREL’s events archive. In 2024, two competitions have already taken place during January, and another one is about to begin on the 12th of February. It will be a 5v5 EU season, which will be 12 weeks long, and so far, only two teams are going to compete for sure.


Rumble’s debut as a VR esport in VREL was quite strong – two seasons took place in 2023. During the second competition season, which was 12 weeks long, 30 participants fought for the top spots in the chart. No information regarding the prizes is available. Hopefully, VREL will be able to secure decent sponsorships for better prizes in the upcoming 2024 season.


It has become clear that VR Esports Leagues aren’t nearly as popular as traditional ones – there are fewer players willing to take part, limited VR titles, smaller prize pools, and no substantial championships, which would grant teams a high status in the gaming world. But regardless of those obstacles, both VREL and VRML have managed to stay afloat and provide VR enthusiasts with a platform to challenge each other and even get a scoop of the promised prizes. It is not yet known whether VR esports will become more popular or not, especially since this form of gaming requires more resources and proper technical infrastructure to operate, however it is apparent that those who are interested in competing can try their luck in either of the Leagues.

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