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Best VR Golf Games

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Golf is one of the most expensive sports, which combines both the thrill of scoring a point and relaxing in a pleasant outdoor environment. And as not all have access to golf equipment or even a proper golf course, for that matter, VR technology has introduced an accessible way for all to enjoy playing golf from the comfort of any home.

There are quite a few VR golf games one could choose from when interested in experiencing the sport immersively, however if you want to play it safe, you can stick to VR Today Magazine’s recommendations for the best VR golf titles.

How we chose the top golf VR games?

When creating our list of the best VR golf games, we followed this set of criteria:

  • Realism – we chose games that prioritize realism, such as those featuring accurate physics engines and lifelike graphics.
  • Decent level of immersion – we looked for games that utilize high-quality audio and visual elements to create an engrossing atmosphere.
  • Variety of gameplay – the featured games provide different types of golf experiences like mini golf, real golf courses, and even Top Golf.
  • Multiplayer – being able to share a golf game with a friend is always a perk, which is why multiplayer features are highly regarded.

For other VR sports games refer to this list:

Walkabout Mini Golf

Walkabout Mini Golf VR is the most popular VR mini golf game developed by Mighty Coconut. Players can engage in immersive mini-golf experiences across various beautifully designed courses, either alone, with others they know, or with random opponents via online multiplayer. The game features extremely realistic physics, allowing both casual and serious golf enthusiasts to enjoy the game.

This title provides players with a realistic mini-golf game experience as both the virtual environment and the movements transport you to an actual mini-golf course. You’ll only need one controller to play, as you would in a real game. The graphics are really pleasant to watch, and don’t stress your eyesight, which is important for longer game sessions.

Walkabout Mini Golf has the perfect ratings of 10/10 stars on SteamVR and 4.8/5 stars on Meta Store. It can be purchased from both platforms for $14.99.

You can learn more about the intricacies of the game through VR Today Magazine’s Walkabout Mino Golf Review.


GOLF+ is a VR golf game developed exclusively for the PGA TOUR. It offers players an immersive and interactive golf experience that combines elements of both traditional golf and gaming. The game provides access to iconic golf courses and features various game modes such as playing rounds, engaging in Topgolf experiences, and exploring unique putting courses.

GOLF+ is available on multiple VR platforms, including the Meta Quest series (Quest 2, 3, and Pro). Users can enjoy playing real-world courses with friends, participating in events such as Topgolf nights featuring music and games, and competing in the GOLF+ Tour. While not a perfect replication of ‘real’ golf, GOLF+ offers a blend between the two worlds. It provides opportunities for learning, practice, and socializing through its multiplayer capabilities.

The game has a 4.8/5 star rating on Meta Store, where it can be purchased for $29.99.

The Golf Club VR

‘The Golf Club VR’ is a virtual reality adaptation of the popular golf simulator series developed by HB Studios. It leverages the immersive capabilities of the HTC Vive room-scale technology, enabling players to engage in a realistic golfing experience within their own environments. The game captures the player’s unique swing style and offers customization options to accommodate different skill levels, including varying degrees of swing assistance and the ability to change club lengths.

Although praised for its gameplay and course selection, ‘The Golf Club VR’ has been reported to have limited additional features beyond basic functionality. It lacks elements such as a structured career mode or alternative game modes. Despite these limitations, the game provides a satisfying virtual representation of the sport, conveying the thrill of successful shots and the challenges inherent in putting.

You can get Golf Club VR for only $9.99 from SteamVR.

Cloudlands: VR minigolf

‘Cloudlands: VR Minigolf’ offers a virtual reality minigolf experience set against stunning landscapes high above the clouds. Players can enjoy single-player, online, and local multiplayer modes. The game features an innovative approach without using traditional swing and power meters; instead, it employs an intuitive 1:1 control system where players physically move their controllers to interact with the environment. Users have praised the game for its variety of obstacles, animations, and unique hole designs. The game also has a sequel called ‘Cloudlands 2,’ which introduces a hole creator and the ability to download user-generated content.

Cloudlands: VR Minigolf has the nearly perfect rating of 9/10 stars on SteamVR where it costs $19.99.

Everyday Golf VR

‘Everyday Golf VR’ is a VR golf simulation game designed with an emphasis on realism and player convenience. It allows users to experience the sport of golf in a VR environment, either playing against others in multiplayer mode (PVP) or by themselves. The developers are committed to maintaining both realism and improving usability as they continue to refine the game. It is important to highlight the fact most players have enjoyed the realistic golf experience, while others have found it lacking in features and replayability. Therefore, this game is probably more suitable for beginner golf enthusiasts who need a more basic introduction to the VR version of this sports game.

Everyday Golf VR is priced at $29.99 on SteamVR.

Everybody’s Golf VR

‘Everybody’s Golf VR’ is a virtual reality golf game available on PlayStation 4. Players can use a PlayStation Move motion controller or Dualshock 4 wireless controller as a club to take swings in the game. The VR experience allows players to see all 18 holes across three new courses in full 360 degrees, enabling them to assess the terrain and read wind direction. The game offers a practice area, a driving range, and a customizable virtual caddie that provides hints and tips. Players can unlock additional courses, clubs, caddie options, and customization features as they progress. While the graphics are not groundbreaking, they are considered decent in VR.

The game’s available for purchase on PS VR Store for $29.99 and has a 4.06/5 star rating on the platform.

Golf 5 eClub

‘Golf 5 eClub’ is a virtual reality golf simulation that provides players with a highly immersive and authentic golf experience. Players have the option to choose from three 18-hole courses and enjoy features such as a driving range, customizable avatars, and the ability to engage in multiplayer matches against other users. The game’s goal is to offer a precise representation of real-world golf physics, enabling players to refine their skills and compete in a virtual environment.

In addition to the core gameplay, the game also includes elements like miniature golf, the World Indoor Putting Championship (WIPP), and tournament modes. Users have praised the attention to detail in the graphics and sound design, which work together to create a lifelike atmosphere. One standout feature mentioned by players is the inclusion of the Old Course at St. Andrews, known as one of the world’s most renowned golf links. Furthermore, Golf 5 eClub provides promotional codes and supports cross-platform functionality across various devices.

Golf 5 eClub has an 8/10 rating on SteamVR, where you can purchase the game for $19.99.

Golf it!

Golf It! is a miniature golf simulation that offers Virtual Reality (VR) support. Originally developed as a non-VR title, Golf It! gained VR functionality, enabling players to enjoy the game immersively. Golf It! is a game where players can embark on an exciting journey and immerse themselves in an epic minigolf adventure. The game features eight official courses with unique themes, ranging from fantasy villages to Japanese gardens to icy boreal forests. The core game remains popular due to its affordable pricing and extensive content, including user-generated levels via a built-in level editor.

You can get Golf it! for only $8.99 from SteamVR, where it has a 9/10 user rating.

Tee Time Golf

Tee Time Golf is the final VR golf simulation title on this list. In this game, players can swing away in VR using controllers to hit golf balls and join online matches with friends. It offers an immersive golfing experience where players can level up by gaining experience and hitting impressive shots like 300-yard drives.The game provides a blend of realistic golf simulation and fun gameplay for golf enthusiasts seeking to enjoy the sport in a virtual environment.

Tee time Golf is still an early access game on SteamVR, which is priced at $8.99.


Whether you’re into mini golf or you’re a traditional golf course player, these VR games have something to offer for all. The greatest perk about those golf games is that they enable anyone to experience what playing any type of golf would feel like and do so on a budget. These simulations of the sport truly immerse you on the golf course and even provide a decent arm workout.

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