best sports vr games

Best Sports VR Games

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Sports games always sustain popularity among players in both the real and the virtual world. VR is able to make playing sports even more entertaining as it provides an interactive setting, which will enable you to take part in your favorite sport without worrying about injuries. Tuning into any game without worrying about the weather or the number of people willing to join is among the main reasons why VR sports games are gaining so much popularity. We’ve gathered a list of the best VR sports games people with different levels of experience will enjoy.

Key Takeaways

  • One of the greatest perks of VR tech is that it allows you to experience high-level simulations, which enable you to take part in different types of activities. All you need is a VR headset.
  • Sports VR games enable the player to take full advantage of virtual reality’s capabilities and thus feel as though they’re actually on the court, field, or even the diamond.
  • In 2024, we expect plenty of upcoming VR sports games to launch.

Kayak VR Mirage

Kayak VR: Mirage is a virtual reality kayaking simulator that offers an immersive and realistic experience of paddling through beautifully rendered and unique locations. Designed for VR, the game features fully physically accurate kayaking mechanics, allowing players to explore at their own pace or engage in competitive racing against time. The game is praised for its stunning visuals, including highly realistic water physics and environments, and offers a mix of serene exploration and racing challenges.

All-in-one VR sports

This game allows players to take part in all types of sports like baseball, archery, ping pong, basketball, bowling, badminton, golf, dart, billiard, boxing, tennis, volleyball, and squash in a realistic virtual environment. With features like real-time PvP by multiplay, advanced physics, player customization, and an easy-to-use control system, it’s a great choice for any sports fan.

Plus, it’s compatible with both SteamVR and Oculus PC. The game requires only a 2m by 1.5m room for optimal experience. Reviews on Steam are overwhelmingly positive, and at $19.99, it’s a great value for money.

Creed: Rise of Glory

Creed: Rise of Glory‘ takes it up a notch by immersing you in the world of boxing. Developed by Survios in 2018, this game allows you to become Adonis Creed and build your boxing legacy.

It features impactful VR melee combat, an intense cinematic experience, multiple game modes, and an online PvP. You can choose from Career, Freeplay, or Training modes and customize your gameplay.

It’s supported by Oculus, Meta Quest, HTC Vive, and PSVR headsets and costs $29.99. You can also purchase the Survios Collection Bundle ($161.94), which includes this game and others like Battlewake, Raw Data, Sprint Vector, Electronauts, and The Walking Dead Onslaught.

Totally Baseball

‘Totally Baseball’ will take you straight to the ballpark, regardless of your gaming experience. It’s a full baseball experience with roles like batter, pitcher, and fielder, and customizable features and comfort features to reduce motion sickness.

You can choose game modes, innings and unlock teams, switch positions, catch your own throws, challenge outfield throws, and enjoy pitch control and strikeouts. The graphics are great, with an art style, night sky, sound effects, and announcer, plus old-time sponsorships.

You can also throw slowballs, splitters, curveballs, and fastballs. It’s available on Steam for just $12.49!

Hockey Shooter VR

Hockey Shooter VR is a virtual reality sports game for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Players take on the role of a hockey goalie and must defend their goal against a barrage of shots from a variety of angles. The game features realistic physics and challenging AI opponents, as well as a variety of game modes to choose from like obstacle and target practice.

You can get Hockey Shooter VR from Meta Store for $3.99 or from SteamVR for $7.99.

If you’re interested in playing VR hockey games, you can find more intriguing titles in our Best VR Hockey Games article.

Blacktop Hoops

This arcade VR basketball game will help you master any dribble combos, shots, and dunks.

Plus, you can join the game’s Discord server and engage in streetball legends, casual pick-up games, ranked matchmaking, and private parks.

The game is still in development, but it’s a great way to enjoy shooting hoops in VR, as you’ll be able to feel the ball in your hands and the rush of the game without leaving home.

In this article, we have prepared some of our favorite basketball VR games, make sure to check it out.

NFL Pro Era

Experience the thrill of leading an NFL team to the Super Bowl with NFL Pro Era, the first-ever officially licensed VR football game. Developed by StatusPro, a company founded by athletes with the goal of making sports more accessible, this game allows you to play as a starting quarterback and compete for the Super Bowl.

It also features skill mini-games and two-minute drill simulations.

NFL Pro Era is available on SteamVR and Meta’s Store for $14.99 USD.

2MD: VR Football

2MD: VR Football is a room-scale sports game that puts you in the shoes of a quarterback and challenges you to complete a two-minute drill.

Your mission is to move the ball down the field and score a touchdown before the timer runs out. If you win, you will move on to a bonus round and then to a tougher two-minute drill. The goal is to keep going and take on increasingly harder opponents until you lose.

You can design custom plays and select them with a thumbstick, then use passing plays, hand-offs, or even run with the ball to score a touchdown before the clock runs out.

The game is recommended by PhilanthroPwn, Bumble, and VR Game Rankings, it is also part of the 2020 Indie MegaBooth PAX East Showcase’s official selection.

Get it now on SteamVR for just $14.99 and as part of a bundle with 2MD: VR Football All Stars for $16.78.

ForeVR Bowl

ForeVR Bowl offers a more relaxed sports experience with its virtual reality bowling game. Developed by Valve Corporation, the game costs $19.99 and features 100 ball designs, up to four-player games online, oil patterns, speed tips, licensed soundtracks, and more.

Though VR technology has yet to provide a more realistic bowling experience, ForeVR Bowl still provides plenty of enjoyment, especially in multiplayer mode. With its easy navigation, visually appealing design, and variety of environments, the game is sure to keep you entertained, especially if you’re a low-entry player.

iB Cricket

This early access game captures the atmosphere of a cricket match with its range of bowling options, bats, pitches, and stadiums.

As a batter, you must aim to score runs while protecting your wicket.

The bowling options are plenty, with right arm, left arm, fast, medium pace, off-spin, leg-spin, etc, making the game interesting and challenging. You can also choose from a variety of bats, pitches, and stadiums, as well as take part in a range of challenges.

This is an early access game, which means that it is not complete, as developers continue to collect feedback to improve game mechanics and balance.


RUSH is a wingsuit flying game that offers an adrenaline-pumping experience not all would be able to bear in real life.

Soar down mountainsides at high speeds, navigate through canyons and outcrops, and explore five breathtaking environments. You can race to the finish or take on the challenge of time attack or score challenge.

There’s also a quick race mode to compete against other jumpers, or you can opt for the limitless freedom of the freeflight mode.

The game is available for $19.99 on Steam and is included in the Binary Mill VR Bundle ($35).

Final Soccer VR

Final Soccer VR offers realistic graphics and animations captured by professional players, as well as Striker Mode (VIVE) for shooting penalties and free kicks with your feet in VR.

Simulator Mode (VIVE/OCULUS) offers 100% realistic graphics and animations, and Arcade Mode (VIVE/OCULUS) features power-ups activated by catching and throwing balls.

It also has a multi-player mode for real-time penalty shootouts and competing against friends online or in a local network.

It works in rooms as small as 2 meters wide, but a 3-meter room is recommended.

Reviews on Steam are mostly positive, and it costs only $19.99.

First Person Tennis VR

First Person Tennis is a top-tier virtual reality tennis game. It offers a highly realistic VR simulation of tennis that captures many of the nuances of the sport. Players can challenge AI opponents or use the convenient matchmaking system to find an online opponent. There are both arcade and simulation modes, giving users the chance to enjoy a more casual experience or a more complex, challenging one.

Both casual players and serious tennis enthusiasts have given First Person Tennis – The Real Tennis Simulator a high praise. The game costs $22.99 and is available on Steam and Meta Store for purchase.

The thrill of the fight

This VR boxing game provides a realistic boxing experience. You can choose between practicing with the speed bag, heavy bag, dummy, or other training aids in the gym or going up against a series of AI opponents to test your skills.

For the best experience, you’ll need a room-scale play area of at least 2m by 2m. The gameplay feels incredibly authentic, with satisfying punching and dodging mechanics and opponents that act realistically. Controller force feedback from shots gives a feeling of weight to your shots. Much like real boxing, The Thrill of the Fight is an intense workout – you won’t be able to play for too long without taking a break. If you’re looking for a way to get fit with VR, this is a recommended option.

The thrill of the fight costs $9.99 and can be purchased as part of the VR Boxing and Brawling Bundle for $26.98. It supports SteamVR and Oculus Rift, but not PSVR.

The Climb 2

The Climb 2, developed by acclaimed studio Crytek, is the highly-anticipated sequel to The Climb, which launched in 2016. This professional VR climbing simulator allows you to climb and traverse a variety of urban and natural environments like the Alps, Bay, and Canyon from the original game, all of which have been significantly improved.

You use your hands and arms to move around the environment naturally, grasping hand holds to keep yourself from falling. Every map has a multitude of routes to take, as well as a wide array of gameplay. You’ll need to utilize different handholds, ascend ropes and ladders, slide down zip lines, and move between moving handholds to successfully navigate each map.

In addition to single-player, there is an asynchronous multiplayer mode where you can race against the ghost hands of other players to complete the courses as quickly as possible. As of now, The Climb 2 is only available on the Meta store for $29.99, excluding PC VR headset users for the time being.


Sports fans now have the unique opportunity to experience their favorite sports in virtual reality. You’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun playing any of the mentioned games. Apart from pure entertainment, another perk of VR is that it enables you to improve your gaming skills regarding any sport in a safe environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Platforms Are These Games Available On?

Many of the best sports VR games are available on Steam VR, Meta Store, and PlayStation.

How Much Does Each Game Cost?

The cost of the games varies depending on the platform you choose. Most of them are in the $15 – $20 price frame.

Are There Any Online Multiplayer Options for These Games?

Yes, many of these games offer online multiplayer options. You can join or create your own team and compete against other players around the world.

Can I Watch Live Sports in VR?

Yes, you can watch live sports in VR. Check our guide to learn how.

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