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Top 5 Best VR Sword Fighting Games To Play In 20208 min read

Wield mighty blades and take on ancient enemies… Just be careful not to knock down a lamp or step on your pets while you’re at it!

Nick Rasmussen

Participating in an epic sword fight has been a childhood fantasy of just every Tolkien or RPG fan out there at some point, and thanks to immersive technology, we now get to experience some of that in a safe virtual environment without potentially chopping off a hand, Lannister style. Fancy a bit of sparring in the dueling ring with a mighty warrior’s blade?

The appeal of wielding a mighty sword and proving ones worth through physical prowess is an ancient one, and one we’ll go over today.

Yes – today we’re going to go over some of the best VR sword fighting games currently available out there for immersive technology. Our list is going to feature a bit of everything. Without further ado, we present to you the VR best sword fighting games to play in 2020.

Blade & Sorcery


First up we have today’s top pick across all categories. Blade & Sorcery is on a level all by itself, thanks to the constant updates, compelling graphics and undeniably entertaining game play. If you manage to not have fun with a round of Blade & Sorcery, we want to know how. To date, our editorial team have had dozens of hours of immersive game play in this wonderfully responsive sandbox full of medieval weaponry, ranged weapons, sorcery and wave upon wave of Gladiator-like arena fighting.

First Impressions

  • Tons of replayability
  • Skyrim-like feeling of freedom
  • Continuous updates from the developer
  • Massive community support

Perhaps the biggest reason we’re so psyched about this one is the surface-to-surface effects in place when you hack and slash your way through surfaces. Mix that with an arsenal of weapon choices in an almost The Matrix like delivery system, and you have something quite unique indeed. The team behind this tremendous achievement (Warpfrog) also keeps smashing out new updates on a regular basis, with features such as armor, tiered weapons and more coming up soon. If you have to get just one VR sword fighting game on today’s list, take our word for it and go with Blade & Sorcery.

Developer: WarpFrog
Who is it for: Players looking to experience a tactile sword fighting game
You’ll like this if you like: The Elder Scrolls Series
Free: No


Vanishing Realms


Next up we have Vanishing Realms is another great sword-swinging RPG game with plenty of challenge for the avid blademaster with an affinity for some role-playing elements as well. Vanishing Realms is an epic-scale face to face fantasy game with plenty of sword fighting, puzzles and (for what it’s worth) one of the best dungeon crawling experiences out there.

First Impressions

  • Heavily RPG inspired (don’t expect an open arena game, like in Blade & Sorcery)
  • Continuously well done visuals throughout the whole game
  • Phenomenal character work
  • Floating combat text (damage numbers etc.)
  • Gorgeous lighting effects

When playing the game for the first time, one of the things that pops up in your head the most is “Oh wow, these monsters really are at scale, size-wise, aren’t they?”. That feeling of awe in combination with just how beautiful the game is, makes it a clear contender for today’s list of the best VR Sword Fighting games.

Developer: Indimo Labs LLC
Who is it for: Fans of RPG games who don’t mind the low-poly visuals
You’ll like this if you like: The Legend of Zelda, Diablo 3
Free: No


Lightblade VR


It’s time to return to a galaxy far far away and master up the ancient Jedi discipline of saber-swordsmanship. Ligtblade VR is an absolutely killer VR sword fighting game, filled to the brim with all of the features we’re looking for, such as dual-wielding blades, several blade colors, hilt customization, robot training and gorgeous sound effects. it even lets you pick up a Darth Maul-like double-bladed light saber. What are you still doing here? It’s time to channel your inner jedi master and take that saber for a spin in 360° of immersive action.

First Impressions

  • A little too short to justify the cost
  • While not part of the Star Wars universe, it’s one of the most loyal to the franchise in terms of audio and visuals. Well done!

Don’t think the whole game is just training though – there are actual duels available in some of the levels throughout the game. In those levels you get to take on another master of the sword in an epic fight that almost begs for you to have Duel of Fates playing through Spotify in the background.

Developer: Andreas Hager Gaming
Who is it for: Star Wars fans
You’ll like this if you like: Anyting Star Wars related
Free: No


Shadow Legends


Shadow Legends is a terriffic VR sword fighting game, visually more than anything else. If we take all other aspects out of the review here, the part that’s going to stick with you for a while is just how damn beautiful it is. The game itself is quite memorable as well. Pick up your blade, your best fantasy playlist over on Spotify and embark on a crusade to free the people of your templar order from the nefarious Lord Adaroth.

  • Beautiful – gorgeous looking environment for a VR sword fight
  • Seems like an RPG simulator at times
  • Beautiful saturated colors and pristine looking particles that’s going to make even the most beastly graphic card have an occasional hickup.
  • Available for the PSVR – win!

It doesn’t matter if you’re drawn to the fantasy ambiance, the free exploration, the epic boss fights or even the storyline – every single one of those elements are reason enough to take Shadow Legends for a spin. Some of the key features from the game includes an intuitive movement system, boss fights specifically designed for virtual reality and an absolute stellar playground for screenshots.

Developer: VitruviusVR
Who is it for: Skyrim fans
You’ll like this if you like: Open-world RPG games and simulations
Free: No




Is your boss giving you trouble? Is your relationship status “complicated”? Well, if you have anything at all bottled up inside, It’s time to queue the violent playlist over on Spotify and get ready for a splashy ride. Gorn is up next, and it’s going to be a violent tour-de-force of a game. Anything previous sword fight experience or game up until this point is going to feel like picking up groceries for your grandmothers birthday in comparison to this titan of gore.

  • Violent. Very, very violent
  • Surprisingly entertaining and therapeutic
  • Well worth the cost of the game
  • Plenty of replayability

Gorn is an open gladiator-based fighting game, pilestocked with a plethora of weapons, enemies and creative ways those two things can be combined and put together. In a way, Gorn is a game that rewards violent creativity so if you have a little Dexter Morgan in there somewhere, feel free to let it out for a big meal in a session of Gorn.

Developer: Free Lives
Who is it for: Anyone looking to blow off steam with medieval weaponry
You’ll like this if you like: Violent videogames and the Gladiator movie
Free: No


A quick note on quality

We would all want these games on today’s list to be AAA+ titles with multi-million dollar budgets behind them such as The Witcher, World of Warcraft, Dark Souls and The Elder Scrolls. That said, we have to anchor expectations to reality here. Virtual reality (for all its wonders) still is at its infancy, so games published early on are not likely to meet those same standards, as the market is significantly smaller and relatively new. We encourage you to go through the list with an open mind, and keep in mind that the Oculus Store for instance, has a terrific refund policy worth checking out. These are not 100+ hour titles, and some of them (while gorgeous) do have potential to cause a fair bit of motion sickness as well.

That said, if you happen to own a VR headset, you’ll be missing out greatly if you don’t at least try to take some of these titles for a spin. Blade & Sorcery for instance, is a must-try.


Summary: Top 5 Best VR Sword Fighting Games 2020

As some of you may have noticed, we have previously written extensively about VR RPG’s and fighting games in virtual reality. Those articles were in such a high demand that we thought it silly to not put our hands together and do a plain and simple list of the best sword-fighting games out there. We hope you liked today’s article. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know in the comments below,

Written by Nick Rasmussen

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