best anime avatar worlds on vrchat review

Best Anime Avatar Worlds on VRChat

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The anime genre is very predominant in the digital entertainment industry. That’s why anime characters are so popular and serve as a preferred aesthetic among gamers.

In social platforms like VRChat, it’s important to create an avatar that represents your interest, and if anime is one of them, you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect anime avatar in one of VRChat’s dedicated avatar worlds.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the most well-known and highly recommended anime avatar worlds on VRChat, which will help you choose the one anime character that speaks to your personality.

Key Takeaways

  • Mids AVA World offers a wide selection of anime avatars, including popular characters and larger avatars.
  • Anime Avatar Worlds with Customizations like DBG 2.0 provide plenty of customization options and impressive animations.
  • Anime Avatar Worlds with Specific Themes, like Kami’s Lookout, offer a vast collection of Dragon Ball Z and Naruto models, perfect for fans of those shows.
  • Other anime avatar worlds like Toga and Ikita Avatars, Carimo Chibi Anime Avatar World, V&K Avatars, Crypt!k Avatar World, and Collin’s Avatar World offer unique experiences with different styles, themes, and avatars to cater to various preferences.

How to find Anime Avats in VRChat?

To begin, go to the World Gallery and browse the thumbnails. You can also search for specific avatars by typing in the world ID.

Once you’ve found the avatar you want, click on it, and it will download to your console. It will be permanently accessible and come with all the customizations and animations it has.

This process is quicker and easier than having to tamper with Unity and import your own avatar. Plus, you get to explore all the great creations players have put together.

Make sure to check this article if you want to see what the different types of VRChat worlds are.

How we chose the best Anime Avatars Worlds in VRChat?

To determine which were the best Anime Аvatar worlds in VRChat, we compared various criteria.

We analyzed the number of avatars available, the quality of the graphics, and the range of activities and experiences.

The overall reputation of the world and the level of customer service provided were also closely considered.

We also looked at the ease of use, the user-friendliness of the control system, and the overall safety of the environment.

Mids AVA World

Mids AVA World review

Mids AVA World is one of VRChat’s most popular worlds, which offers a huge selection of anime avatars from popular shows and games. From Kirito from Sword Art Online to Pikachu and Link, there’s something for everyone.

Plus, you can find larger avatars in this world, like the three sizes of Samurai Megazord. The largest one towers over the world when you put it on.

There’s a mirror in the main room that helps you decide what avatars to keep as your favorites. Navigating through the avatars is easy, making it a great place to find the right one for you.

DBG 2.0

DBG 2.0 review

DBG 2.0 is another great place for anime-style avatars with plenty of customizations. Created by Leg3ndaryxCam, this world has clothing options inspired by popular shows, such as Bee Movie, Rick and Morty, Naruto, and Toy Story.

Furthermore, some avatars can even play music and perform impressive animations like Dragon Ball Z-style aura explosions. There’s an abundance of base characters to choose from, each with numerous customizations, so you can create a unique avatar.

The animations and customizations are smooth and look great. With DBG 2.0, you can easily find an avatar that stands out from the crowd.

Kami’s Lookout

Kami's Lookout review

Kami’s Lookout is one of the ultimate anime avatar worlds, as it has a diverse selection of characters and maps for all anime fans. It’s created by KingTodd and contains over 227 Dragon Ball Z models from all series, plus 82 Naruto models. All the characters are quest-compatible, so you can experience your favorite characters on Xbox.

Gohan, Trunks, Freiza, Cell, and Goku all come with multiple forms and transformations, so you can feel like you’re a Super Saiyan. Also, iconic maps like the World Tournament, Planet Vegeta, and Kame House are available to explore.

Toga and Ikita Avatar

Toga and Ikita Avatars review

For those looking for an ultra-modern anime avatar experience, Toga and Ikita Avatar is the perfect place to go.

This vibrant world is truly stunning, with tall ceilings and an impressive modern style. Each of the avatars features intricate details and a variety of cool movements. Everyone is carefully crafted with great outfits and accessories.

There’s always a lot of people admiring the talent and creativity that’s gone into making this world and its avatars. If you’re looking for a professional female avatar, you won’t find anything better than those made by Toga and Ikita.

Carimo Chibi Anime Avatar World

Carimo Chibi Anime Avatar World in VRChat features a variety of anime-inspired avatars, ranging from cute and cuddly to epic and stylish.

With the Erza Update, new features have been added to the world, including an expanded selection of avatars and a customizable wardrobe. The world is constantly updated with new content, so there’s always something new to explore.

You can also join different clubs and communities or even create your own avatar and customize it however you’d like. Carimo Chibi Anime Avatar World is a great destination for anime fans to connect and share their love of the genre.

V&K Avatars

The V&K Avatars world is set in a neon-pink city apartment, which is detailed and brilliantly lit, with a selection of risque anime girl avatars to choose from and customize.

Clothing options are plentiful, though custom animations aren’t available.

Keep in mind that those avatars are sexually suggestive and thus will only be appropriate for mature users.

Crypt!k Avatar World

Crypt!k Avatar World review

Boasting avatars from Attack on Titan, memes, and serious characters, the Crypt!k Avatar world has something for everyone.

It even offers an animation to transform Attack on Titan avatars into Supreme clothing! Whether you’re a hype beast or just want to make others laugh, Crypt!k Avatar World is sure to deliver.

With its derpy faces and variety of outfits, this world is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Collin’s Avatar World

Collin's Avatar World review

Collin’s Avatar World is a cheerful town square filled with avatars of all kinds – from memes to serious characters. Compatible with PCVR and Quest, the avatars range from anime to The Rock. There are some other random characters available, as you can tell by the reference to The Rock. Each one has a few animations to entertain you and portals to other worlds with similar themes.

Whether you’re looking for a new avatar or just want to explore, Collin’s Avatar World is a great place to start.

Tyson’s Pokemon Avatars

You can take a trip to Tyson’s Pokemon Avatars and explore its captivating collection of Pokemon characters.

There’s a grand statue standing in the center, with characters of all shapes and sizes surrounding it. This Pokemon universe-themed avatar world provides an impressively crafted selection of beloved characters from the franchise.

The avatars are of top-notch quality and are compatible with PC VR and Quest, with the option of creating a custom avatar.


VRChat offers a wide variety of anime avatar worlds, each with its own unique style and charm. From Mids AVA World, to DBG 2.0, to Tyson’s Pokemon Avatars, both die-hard anime fans and newbies can find something to suit their taste.

Browsing through VRChat’s avatar worlds is a great way to learn how to navigate using this platform and find an avatar that would best represent your persona.

With millions of users around the world, VRChat has become a popular destination for anime fans to meet and connect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Join a Certain Club to Access Anime Avatars in Vrchat?

No, you can explore the VRChat world and find a wide range of avatars to choose from. You can create your own or use one of the many available options.

What Is the Cost to Purchase or Download Anime Avatars in Vrchat?

Most anime avatars are free to use.

Are There Any Anime Avatars Specifically Designed for Vrchat?

Yes, anime avatars offered in Toga and Ikita Avatars are specifically designed for VRChat.

Are There Any Tutorials to Help Me Create My Own Anime Avatar for Vrchat?

Yes, you can find step-by-step instructions online on VRChat’s website that will guide you through the process.

Are There Any Safety or Privacy Measures I Should Take When Using Anime Avatars in Vrchat?

You should always take extra precautions when using anime avatars in VRChat. Don’t give away personal info, and use caution when engaging with strangers.

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