VRchat 2nd developer update review

Everything you need to know about VRChat’s 2nd developer update of 2024

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At the end of 2023, the VRChat’s devs alluded to some exciting changes regarding the platform’s integration of the so-called Creator Economy and a few other features regarding the smooth performance and safety of the app. With that being said, creators on the platform have been waiting for any improvement on the case regarding their ability to make money off of anything they put on VRChat. However, even back in December, the developers stated that they were dealing with issues that would delay the hyped updates.

Better communication with creators

After a rushed SDK was pushed out, the creator community on VRChat got pretty confused about the change and once again shared their disappointment in the lack of understanding from the developers. This instance was proof that, yet again, the devs didn’t consider the feedback from those sustaining and extending the VRChat ecosystem.

That’s why the officials have stated that a top priority of theirs would be to re-organize the VRChat Ask forums. This would hopefully make them a productive space for both the creators and the devs, who will put in the effort to take into account the issues the community wants resolved. Potential SDK updates will also be widely discussed so that there is no miscommunication between the two parties and diverse opinions are considered in the process.

Efforts to expand the Creator Economy

Although everyone keeps asking when selling on VRChat will finally be possible, the devs are still in the process of navigating the first steps to successfully deploying this new system. At first, they’ll hand-pick potential contenders, and hopefully, by the end of February, an application form will also be available for those who wish to be considered fit for this new ecosystem.

One-time purchases and subscriptions

The devs are very open to the idea of one-time purchases, which would make it easier to buy outside a specific group. This is essential for creators who want to reach more potential buyers. Regarding the subscription matter, the devs have stated that embedding recurring subscriptions will also be very beneficial for platform users.

Attempting transparency

The Communications Lead of VRChat has made it clear that from now on, they’d put in more effort to update more frequently, regardless of how little progress there’s been on promised updates. They’ve also shared that in January, the VRChat team does all the planning for the year and sets the most important goals they’d like to accomplish. And although it is not yet sure what the plans are in detail, the Creator Economy is on the top position in their to-do list.

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