VRChat update from 07.12.2023

Everything you need to know about VRChat’s Developer Update from December 7th 2023

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As the end of 2023 quickly approaches VRChat is introducing some changes and developments, which would help them continue pursuing all the desired improvements they’ve been promising to implement in the following year. These are all the upgrades VRChat users should be aware of:

VRChat Mobile moves to the Beta version

VRChat’s mobile version, which was available only for VRC+ subscribers, will finally have a Beta status. With the release of the Native UI, users will no longer need a subscription to use the Android VRChat.

NYE world updates

After the submissions for the NYE event are officially closed, the VRChat team has the tough task of reviewing all the posters, videos, booths, and special guests for the rooftop hangout section. The choice won’t be an easy one, as there are over 11 hours of video content and a ton of posters.

Gating content for users under 18

VRChat has reported that many of the platform’s users have input an incorrect age, which makes it difficult for them to implement the required regulatory restrictions regarding those who are underage. That’s why gating age-appropriate content is not currently functioning. The goal is to find a proper approach to make users input correct personal details and thus make it easier to curate proper content.

Reducing crashers

In order to deal with crashers, VRChat is trying to implement some new practices. If you see an avatar with an “X,” that means that the scanning of stats has failed, whereas a “?” means that it has not been scanned yet. These precautions are used to reduce crashers. In addition to calculating avatar stats, the system also scans for malicious patterns that appear in crashers, like bad asset bundles and excessive memory usage. If the avatar does not pass the check, it will not be visible in VRChat.

Head Chopping

The new developer update also introduced a feature called HeadChop, which allows individual bones of the avatar to be switched on or off, including the head. This feature is exposed as a component that can be animated on or off. It is up to the avatar creators to decide if they want to make it runtime-toggleable.

There will be support for customizing the way the avatar’s head appears in the first-person point of view. You’ll be able to add multiple head chop components to your avatar if you want to control multiple bones. You can toggle each component on and off via an animator, and when all head chop components on an avatar are turned off, the entire head will be chopped as usual until any of the components are turned on again. This could be used to make expression toggles that turn parts of the head on and off. This feature is applied from your first-person perspective only and won’t change how your avatar appears in mirrors or to other users.

The developers are considering re-implementing the original constraint fixes in the future since they provide the desired functionality.

nVidia Variable Rate Shading

Foveated rendering is a graphics rendering technique that reduces the rendering workload in areas of the screen where the user is not looking. This is done by reducing the shading rate in these areas while still keeping image quality high in the areas where the user is looking. With VRS, developers can easily implement gaze tracking in their applications, allowing for a more efficient and accurate rendering of the scene. VRS also increases the rendering performance, allowing for higher frame rates and better-quality images.

VRChat devs have planned to integrate VRS. However, there have been some unexpected hurdles, like the incompatibility with the single pass instanced stereo, which they’ve been working on integrating. That’s why, as of now, they’re still conducting experiments with VRS and are hopeful they will deal with all issues.

Here, you can read the full patch notes for the VRChat update of December 7.

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