VRChat new year's event review

What to expect from VRChat’s New Year’s Eve event

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Every year, VRChat makes sure its users have fun celebrating the coming of the new year while spending time on the platform. Many of those who have made virtual friendships and wish to spend quality time with them can totally take a stroll through VRChat’s New Year’s Eve Square and party their way into a new and more hopeful chapter of life.

The virtual celebration will start at 2 p.m. PDT on December 31.

What’s this year’s theme?

The VRChat team announced back in November that the theme for 2024 will be Groups and Communities. That’s how they wish to highlight the amazing community culture on the platform and encourage established groups to show off their progress in growing in becoming a sustainable virtual community.

What’s in line for the 2024 New Year’s Eve VRChat event?

VRChat’s team stands behind the platform’s purpose of inviting people to create their own virtual spaces and invite others in by making every special NYE Square filled with community-created content.

Users have been able to send their own posters to display on New Year’s Eve Square or even logos, which are significant for popularizing those involved in the music scene. Groups and users have also been able to submit their own videos, which would be part of the VRChat Entertainment Network – which is an incredibly long sequence of pre-recorded video material created by the platform’s community.

It appears this year’s Square will have a lot to offer VRChat users while they’re waiting for the ball to drop finally. Unlike the previous edition, this time, we’ll be able to view the Entertainment Network, which will be a blast for both newcomers and those familiar with the stream. Partying with virtual friends will be a blast as each year, there are banger DJs taking the stage, and we expect no less this time around.

Apart from the NYE event, users can still celebrate by taking part in some of VRChat’s most renowned worlds or playing games with others.

If you want to figure out which worlds are worth exploring, then you should check out VR Today Magazine’s article on Must-visit VRChat Worlds. And if you’re not too much into socializing and you wish to have fun by playing a game, then you can take a peek at our article on the Best worlds for games in VRChat.

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