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VTOL VR Receives 1.8 Update and EF-24G DLC

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The highly anticipated VTOL VR 1.8 update, alongside the EF-24G Mischief DLC, has been released, bringing a significant overhaul to the game’s electronic warfare capabilities. This update is now available on Steam for enthusiasts of the combat flight simulator.

Update Highlights

The 1.8 update introduces a substantial change in how radar, GPS, and other targeting data are managed, enabling various forms of jamming to be possible within the game. This change is designed to enhance the realism and tactical depth of electronic warfare within VTOL VR.

EF-24G Mischief DLC

The EF-24G Mischief DLC adds a new aircraft that is specially designed to exploit the updated electronic warfare systems. This aircraft, along with the existing T-55, F/A-26B, and F-45A, gains new pods that allow them to perform jamming operations. The EF-24G is a two-seat, twin-engine, variable-sweep wing fighter aircraft equipped with specialized sensors and advanced multi-mode ECM pods, making it a formidable tool for disrupting enemy communications and radar.

The DLC supports multiple languages, including English, Chinese (Simplified), Russian, and Japanese, with varying levels of audio and subtitle translation.

Detailed Changes

The update includes numerous specific changes and fixes:

Radar lock data now only shows the locked vehicle’s name and altitude in thousands if the altitude unit is set to feet.

The ability to designate and fire targets in TWS mode has been added.

Various fixes to pilot body proportions, RWR icons, and control surfaces.

New electronic warfare mechanics such as radar, GPS, and communications jamming have been introduced.

Radar-guided missiles and anti-radiation missiles can now be fired in Home-on-Jam (HOJ) mode.

The RWR’s directional and range precision has been greatly reduced.

GPS weapons now require time to establish a GPS signal after launch, with INS being used in the meantime.

Multiplayer, mission editor, and equipment updates have also been included.

Here, you can check the complete VTOL VR Patch Notes 1.8.

Community Response

The community has expressed excitement for the EF-24G Mischief DLC, with players highlighting its variable sweep wings, supersonic capabilities, and electronic warfare features. The DLC has been well-received, with players eager to explore the new mechanics and aircraft.


The VTOL VR 1.8 update and EF-24G Mischief DLC release mark a significant enhancement in the game’s electronic warfare simulation. With new mechanics, aircraft capabilities, and a focus on jamming technologies, players can expect a more immersive and tactically rich experience. The update and DLC are a testament to the developers’ commitment to expanding the game’s features and the community’s enthusiasm for advanced combat flight simulation.

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