Walkabout Mini Golf VR Ice Lair 25th Course

Walkabout Mini Golf’ Unveils 25th Course, ‘Ice Lair,’ Amidst Villainous Plots and Polar Shenanigans

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Mighty Coconut has unveiled its latest virtual mini golf adventure, Ice Lair, as the 25th course in the popular Walkabout Mini Golf series. This new course invites players to the frosty headquarters of the villainous Svetlana Celsius, a former scientist with a mastermind plan. Her army of puffin henchmen is on a mission to perfect their freeze ray technology, and it’s up to the players to thwart their icy intentions.

Walkabout Mini Golf VR overview

Walkabout Mini Golf VR is a virtual reality game that simulates the experience of playing mini golf. It features realistic physics, a variety of courses, and the ability to play solo or with up to 8 players in private games. The game offers a mix of casual and competitive play, with options for hardcore golfers and those just looking to have fun. Players can explore the courses, search for lost balls, unlock hidden clubs, and enjoy the scenery. The game includes 16 standard courses, with additional DLC courses available for purchase, and supports full crossplay between platforms.

The Ice Lair course is steeped in the thematic elements of classic icy villains and features arctic and brutalist architectural designs. Lead Concept Artist Zach Alexander has meticulously crafted the course’s iconography to reflect the totalitarian control of Svetlana Celsius over her lair. The artwork, unlike the commercial style seen in the previous Laser Lair course, is propaganda-inspired, with Celsius’s sigil embodying a frozen fist and the computers running on an internally developed Celsius OS, symbolized by a snowflake-like icon with sharp angles and lines.

The narrative woven into the course design reveals Celsius’s grandiose plans to use her freeze technology to transform world-famous landmarks into monuments of her power. However, Alexander has also infused the plans with personality, adding imaginative and whimsical elements such as travel posters whimsically defaced with drawings of snow and ice.

Ice Lair is the second installment in the Evil Lair series and boasts a variety of new gameplay features:

  • A freeze ray that turns players’ balls into ice cubes
  • Icy greens that challenge players with both frozen and unfrozen balls
  • The ability to leap frozen balls over obstacles
  • Heat pads that can melt frozen balls

Additionally, the course introduces new surfaces for the frozen ball to remain “in play,” offering players the opportunity for inventive trick shots and creative ways to navigate around villainous obstacles. Players will encounter dozens of puffin workers, which add a charming yet menacing presence as they interact with and follow the players throughout the course. The game also simulates frozen air, icy water, and arctic sea life to enhance the immersive experience, complete with a rideable orca whale.

In hard mode, players will find a humorous twist as the puffin minions stage a coup, freezing their leader and replacing her sigil with one that represents their newfound autonomy. The new sigil is designed to reflect the puffins’ revolution, balancing power with their inherently cute appearance, complete with big red glowing eyes to signify their serious intent.

Walkabout Mini Golf’s Ice Lair is now available, challenging players to navigate through the chilly obstacles and put an end to the puffin’s nefarious plans. Will you be able to outsmart the puffins and freeze their scheme in its tracks? The icy course awaits your putt.

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