Mini Golf’s Shangri-La La La Remix

Walkabout Mini Golf’s Shangri-La La La Remix is welcomed by Synth Riders

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The infamous Shangri-La La La song, known for being part of one of the best VR golfing game’s soundtracks, will be available on Synth Riders for a limited time period. This cross-platform collaboration marks the 2-nd anniversary of Shangri-La DLC. The two franchises involved in this modest celebration want to surprise the fans of their games with this musical treat. This exclusive track will be available until December 31st,, 2023.

Reconstructing the Shangri-La La La for Synth Riders

This new version of the Shangri-La La La song is a product of the effort of both game developers. The composer of Walkabout Mini Golf’s Mighty Coconut original song, Chris Reyman, crafted a reimagined version of Shangri-La, which was heavily inspired by Synth Rider’s synthwave melodies. A member of Rider’s team, Melon4dinner, created a suitable beat map, which incorporates visual elements of Walkabout Mini Golf along with the rhythmic game’s regular gameplay. These mini golf-themed objects invite the player into a one-of-a-kind environment, which makes you want to dance and let loose.

Fans of both games can take part in a giveaway

In order to extend the celebration, both game developers are organizing a giveaway for all players of Synth Riders and Walkabout Mini Golf. All participants in this event will be competing for prizes most VR enthusiasts have on their wish lists. You’ll be able to win a Synth Riders Music Pack, Walkabout Mini Golf DLC keys, or a Meta Quest 3 headset, which is the grandiose of all prizes.

Does the re-imagined Shangri-La track work for Synth Riders?

Both games seem completely different – one provides a rather relaxing and fun multiplayer experience, whereas the other encourages dancing and surely raises the spirits high. Therefore, this collaboration appears to be a bit unusual. However, what these two VR games have in common is that they both require a lot of movement in order to complete the given tasks and win. This makes the reimagined Shangri-La La La song not as unfit for Synth Riders. Although the soundtrack of Mini Golf is rather mellow, and the tunes in Synth Riders are more upbeat and dance-inducing, the new version of the infamous song successfully combines the best of both worlds. The gameplay looks promising, the atmosphere is different, and it is an experience worth trying.

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