War of Wizrds VR review

War of The Wizards VR Review

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Genre: Action, Strategy
Compatibility (headsets): SteamVR or Oculus PC
Platforms: Steam Store, Meta Store
Minimum requirements: Processor: Intel core i5- 4590 equivalent or greater, Memory: 4 GB RAM, Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970 equivalent or greater, Storage: 3072 MB available space;
Features: single / multiplayer, PVP
Release date: September 21, 2022
Developer: Arcane Miracle Entertainment
Price: 19.50 $

Step into the enchanting world of the unleashed VR sorcerer battle game, where you become a powerful wizard with the ability to summon allies, cast spells, and engage in thrilling online combat. I strategically choose spells, channel magical abilities, and unleash devastating attacks by mastering the spell-casting system. To achieve victory, I must balance defending and attacking Crystals with quick decision-making and precise spellcasting.

The online PvP matches offer endless customization options, tactical advantages, and rewards, all within a mesmerizing environment that promises further developments and enhanced gameplay experiences. Join me in exploring the depths of this magical dominion!

Gameplay Mechanics

In the VR wizard battle game, players take on the role of a mage who can summon allies, cast magic spells, and engage in online combat to defeat enemy Mages and destroy their Crystal to secure victory. Strategic decision-making is crucial in selecting spells to outmaneuver opponents.

The immersive experience of casting spells and witnessing their effects adds depth to the gameplay. Players must balance defending their Crystal while devising tactics to outsmart their enemies.

Victories are a result of skillful gameplay and tactical planning in a world of intense battles and strategic maneuvers.

Spell-Casting System

War of Wizrds VR gameplay

In the VR wizard battle game, players can utilize a spell-casting system that allows for precise and strategic engagement with enemies. By pressing and holding the primary index trigger, players can channel magical abilities to cast spells. Releasing the spell with a press of the primary hand trigger unleashes various spells, such as Fireballs or Hurricanes, toward enemy Mages.

It’s essential to manage Mana, which replenishes naturally or through engaging foes. While offensive spells don’t directly harm turrets, they’re effective in disrupting enemy advances. Drawing specific patterns for spells like Summoning and Snowstorm adds a layer of strategy to gameplay, providing a unique and immersive experience within the wizardry-themed world.

Victory Conditions

In the VR wizard battle game, achieving victory entails a strategic balance between defending your Crystal and launching attacks to destroy the enemy’s Crystal. Success hinges on quick decision-making and precise spellcasting, requiring players to simultaneously protect their own Crystal while targeting the opponent’s vulnerabilities.

Spells such as Summoning and Snowstorm can be used tactically to overwhelm defenses and create chaos, offering strategic advantages. The AI’s spell drawing support adds complexity to the gameplay, enhancing the overall strategic depth.

Victory in the game is determined by cunning tactics and effective spell usage rather than sheer force. Winning rewards players with tutorial bonuses and customization options to improve their wizarding skills.

Online Gameplay

In the online gameplay of wizard battles, players can engage in PvP matches where they can customize their avatars and staffs for strategic advantage. By acquiring new custom spells, players can enhance their abilities and create a more unpredictable gaming experience. Spells like Summoning and Snowstorm offer tactical advantages that can impact the outcome of battles.

Winning matches not only provides the satisfaction of defeating opponents but also rewards players with currency and bonuses to further improve their gameplay. This online PvP environment encourages players to refine their skills and strategies for future challenges.

Engaging Player Interactions

In the Virtual Reality Magic Duel Battle game, player interactions play a crucial role in shaping the gameplay experience. Players can communicate verbally to strategize, coordinate attacks, and provide assistance to one another, fostering a sense of camaraderie within the virtual battlefield.

Acknowledging and thanking fellow players can enhance teamwork, morale, and engagement. Positive expressions like ‘Great’ and ‘Excellent’ are used to celebrate achievements and motivate players to perform better.

The use of the ‘Foreign’ sound for unclear actions emphasizes the importance of clear communication in the game. Overall, player interactions significantly influence the outcome of battles, emphasizing the value of cooperation and effective communication in the Virtual Reality Magic Duel.

Immersive Sound Effects

The Virtual Reality Magic Duel Battle game features a range of meticulously designed sound effects aimed at enhancing gameplay interactions and providing important auditory cues. These sound effects include music cues for critical actions, distinct sounds for gratitude or confusion, alerts for turret destruction, and updates on crystal status through subtle sounds.

Player elimination is marked by a specific sound to intensify the duel experience. Overall, the immersive sound effects contribute to creating a more engaging virtual reality environment where players are deeply immersed in the magical world.


The game has 4.3/5 in Meta Store from 530 votes and 7/10 in Steam from 64 votes, most of which find the game Mostly positive.


In the world of VR wizard battles, every spell, every move, and every decision matters.

With the intense gameplay mechanics, intricate spell-casting system, and the thrill of online PvP matches, this game offers an unparalleled experience for those seeking magical glory.

As the beta testing continues and future developments unfold, the possibilities for this immersive wizarding adventure are boundless.

Get prepared to release your inner mage and dominate the battlefield in this epic VR wizard battle game.


Is War of Wizards free?

War of Wizards costs $19.90 on SteamVR and Meta Store.

Is War of Wizards on VR?

War of Wizards requires a VR headset and can`t be played on a flat screen.

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