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War Thunder Rolls Out Significant Game Enhancements and Bug Fixes

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In the latest series of updates, the War Thunder development team has been hard at work addressing various issues and implementing improvements to enhance the gaming experience. Over the past two weeks, a number of significant changes have been made, and here we highlight some of the most impactful ones.

These issues may be connected to the recent outflow of the population in-game. At the moment War Thunder has 76 561 concurrent online players, which is 35% lower than its previous all-time peak of 117 208 players achieved 10 days ago on 2/4/2024.

FPS Freezes Addressed

A critical issue that affected the fluidity of gameplay was the occasional FPS freeze experienced by players, particularly when piloting aircraft over tank battles. This issue could result in a loss of control and potential crashes. The development team has successfully identified and resolved the root cause of these freezes, ensuring a smoother and more stable frame rate during ground battles.

Scouting Mechanics Overhauled

Feedback from the community indicated that active scouting was not functioning as intended in Ground Realistic Battles. Previously, enemy vehicles were not being marked as scouted even when in clear sight. Not only has this bug been fixed, but the logic behind active scouting has also been refined. Additionally, a new reward system has been introduced for scouting actions, including a “Not by intelligence” reward for situations where another player had already engaged the enemy.

Enhanced HUD for Battle Mode

The Battle ground gamemode has received a HUD overhaul aimed at clarifying team objectives and goals. The team points bar has been replaced with a more intuitive display showing the number of enemy vehicles each team needs to destroy for victory, along with a mission timer.

Improved Long-Range Target Detection

High-ranking aircraft equipped with targeting pods and built-in optics had previously suffered from reduced detection ranges due to an error in calculating angular dimensions. This issue has been corrected, significantly increasing the detection range for small vehicles and enhancing the effectiveness of aircraft in engaging ground targets at appropriate distances.

Comprehensive Update Notes

The updates mentioned above are just a glimpse of the extensive work done by the War Thunder team. The full list of improvements and bug fixes is available in the update notes for versions,,,, and

Today’s latest update is It brings several changes:

Ground Vehicles

  • Fixed an issue with selecting machine guns and cannons.
  • Corrected decoration placements on the Ka-Chi and Ariete vehicles.
  • Restored missing armor penetration values on stat cards.
  • Stabilizer operation corrected to prevent increased turret rotation speed.
  • Removed track animation on destroyed vehicles when towed.
  • Addressed the absence of a separate ATGM sight on the Ratel 20.


  • Resolved a radar bug on the F-14 affecting missile launches.
  • Fixed bomb drop sequence on the A21A-3.
  • Extended target tracking time for all BVR radars to 3 seconds.
  • Increased ACM and HMD radar modes range for various aircraft models.

Naval Vessels

  • Fixed the inability to activate a tow rope.

Game Mechanics

  • Addressed issues with active scouting in Ground Realistic Battles.
  • Adjusted reward systems for scouting actions in Ground Arcade and Realistic battles.


  • Fixed FPS drops in Naval Battles related to hit camera damage display.
  • Eliminated critical FPS drops when flying over tank areas.


  • Introduced a new HUD for the “Battle” ground mode.
  • Fixed crew slot visibility issues related to interface scaling.
  • Corrected a bug causing game mode changes when creating new vehicle presets.
  • Improved visibility of squad invitations in chat.
  • Enhanced text color readability in the skill bonus tooltip.

The War Thunder team emphasizes that the game is continuously evolving, and some updates may be implemented without requiring a client update. Players are encouraged to report any bugs they encounter on the community bug reporting platform to help maintain and improve the quality of the game.

The game still holds the first place of the most popular VR games in Steam platform.

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