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Unlock the Exclusive Jaguar IS Aircraft in War Thunder’s “Sword of Justice” Event!

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War Thunder, the popular combat vehicle simulation game, is launching a new event titled “Sword of Justice,” offering players the opportunity to earn the Jaguar IS, an event-exclusive aircraft. This event is set to run from February 22nd (11:00 GMT) until March 11th (11:00 GMT), during which players can showcase their piloting skills in Air Battles to earn mission points. These points can then be used to unlock stages and receive various rewards, including unique decals, a profile icon, and the highly anticipated Indian Jaguar IS, also known as Shamsher (Sword of Justice).

The Jaguar IS: A Formidable Strike Aircraft

The Jaguar IS, a Rank VII event vehicle for Great Britain, is the Indian variant of the British Jaguar. It distinguishes itself with several unique features, including a single cannon (as opposed to the standard two), a targeting pod equipped with a thermal imager for dropping guided bombs, and the capability to carry a pair of Magic 2 air-to-air missiles on overwing pylons. Additionally, it is equipped with an RWR (Radar Warning Receiver) and countermeasures to protect against missile threats, making it a versatile and formidable aircraft in the game.

Event Rewards and How to Earn Them

Participants in the “Sword of Justice” event can look forward to a variety of rewards, including:

  • “Jaguar Pilot’s Patch” decal
  • “No. 5 Squadron Patch” decal
  • “Dogfighting Pilot” profile icon
  • A chest containing rewards such as Silver Lions, boosters, random wagers and orders, universal backups, random camouflage for a vehicle owned by the player, and 1 day of Premium Account.

To earn these rewards, players must accumulate 45,000 mission points for each stage, with each new stage unlocked granting a new reward. Mission points can be earned in Air Battles at Rank III or above across Arcade, Realistic, and Simulator Battles. The game also offers a multiplier for earning mission points, details of which can be found in the task description in-game.

Additional Event Details

The event stages will change every two days at 11:00 GMT, with specific dates outlined for players to follow. Rewards are distributed upon the completion of a specific number of stages, with the ultimate prize being a non-tradable coupon for the Jaguar IS after completing 8 stages. Players also have the option to purchase unfinished stages using Golden Eagles, with discounts available based on the percentage of mission points already earned.

For those looking to sell the Jaguar IS coupon on the Market, an “Upgrade for coupon” item is available, which can be earned alongside the stages throughout the event. This item allows players to convert a non-tradable coupon into a tradable one, which can then be sold on the Market after 6 days from its creation.

The “Sword of Justice” event offers War Thunder players a unique opportunity to earn an exclusive aircraft and other valuable rewards by showcasing their skills in Air Battles. With detailed mechanics for earning mission points and a variety of rewards on offer, the event promises to be an engaging experience for the game’s community.

War Thunder continues to be the top seller in the VR section of the Steam platform .

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