X8 VR Rush Respawn update

X8 Introduces First Maintenance Update Featuring Rush Respawn and VR Enhancements

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The latest update for the popular game X8, titled “Rush Respawn Update – Maintenance Update 1,” brings a host of new features, bug fixes, hero updates, weapon balancing, and game balancing adjustments aimed at enhancing the overall gameplay experience. This update is a testament to the developers’ commitment to listening to community feedback and continuously improving the game. Below is a detailed breakdown of the changes introduced in this update.

X8 VR – basic overview

X8 is a free-to-play VR hero shooter game where players engage in 5v5 battles, embodying a variety of heroes from different game franchises. The game features strategic gameplay with versatile hero abilities and an arsenal of weapons, as well as a Demolition Mode where players take turns attacking and defending. It is available on Meta Quest App Lab and Steam.

New Features

  • Reconnection to Custom Matches: Players can now rejoin custom matches through a dedicated reconnection button, improving the continuity of gameplay for those experiencing disconnections.

Bug Fixes

A significant number of bug fixes have been implemented, including:

  • Improved climbing mechanics, with increased grabbable ledge sizes and vaulting speed.
  • Resolution of graphical hitches on Quest 2 when firing the first bullet from a skinned weapon with custom VFX.
  • Enhanced loading performance into the Main Lobby Menu.
  • A variety of crash fixes, increasing game stability.
  • Expanded interaction distance with UI in the Character Selection menu.
  • Addressed the issue of Charade being invincible during pre-and-post-teleport delays.
  • Fixed the Covert Operation Achievement and damage number display issues in Rush game mode.
  • Corrected magazine highlight visibility issues and weapon spawn orientation in Skirmish mode.
  • Adjusted the Auto Sprint setting to appear under the “Control” setting category.
  • Resolved the issue with the Rekt skin banner Discord link.

Hero Updates

Significant updates have been made to heroes, including Charade, Jaguar, Vesper, and Nightwatcher, focusing on enhancing their abilities and balancing gameplay.

Balance Adjustments

Weapon Balancing

  • Hellhound: Cost reverted and leg damage multiplier decreased.
  • Renegade: Cost reduced and bullet penetration multiplier increased.

Game Balancing

  • Adjustments to the Ability Wheel for a snappier feel.
  • Increased brightness for all gun skins.
  • Rush Respawn Mode: Round timer decreased and respawn timer for defenders increased.

Known Issues

The update also highlights known issues such as potential client-side crashes when removing the HMD during gameplay and ongoing efforts to fix crashes in custom games.


This update reflects the developers’ dedication to refining gameplay, addressing community-reported issues, and enhancing the overall player experience. Players are encouraged to update their game to access these improvements and continue enjoying X8. Additionally, the developers appreciate feedback and reviews on the Steam store page, which helps guide future updates and enhancements.

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