X8 VR Major Update Rush Respawn

X8 VR Introduces Significant Update Featuring New ‘Rush Respawn’ Mode

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X8 is a free-to-play VR multiplayer heroic shooter game that offers an immersive and competitive first-person shooter experience in virtual reality. Developed by Thirdverse, X8 has quickly gained popularity for its engaging gameplay and innovative features. The game is available on Meta Quest App Lab and Steam, catering to both Quest 2 and PCVR players.
In X8, players step into the shoes of various heroes, each with unique abilities and hero items, to engage in 5v5 battles. The objective is to restore a path back to their worlds, which involves executing strategic plays and mastering the game’s demolition mode.

X8 VR has released the latest update. Dubbed ‘Major Update – Rush Respawn’, this new release promises to enhance the gaming experience with a host of new features, gameplay improvements, and the introduction of skill-based matchmaking.

Rush Respawn Game Mode

The highlight of the update is the Rush Respawn game mode, which builds on the previously introduced Rush mode. This new variant offers players the ability to jump back into the fray immediately after being taken down, ensuring a fast-paced and continuous action across four rounds of intense combat. This mode is designed to keep the adrenaline pumping and the gameplay engaging from start to finish.

Skill-Based Matchmaking

In a significant move to improve player experience, the update introduces the first steps towards Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM). This system aims to match players with others of similar skill levels, ensuring fairer and more balanced matches. As players engage more with the game, their matchups will become increasingly accurate. High MMR achievers will be recognized in the game’s Discord server, adding a competitive edge to the community.

Leaderboard Challenges

Another exciting addition is the Leaderboard Challenges, which invite players to compete for the top spot and set personal bests in rotating challenges. However, it’s important to note that only matches played in Demolition mode will count towards leaderboard rankings, adding a strategic layer to the competition.

Gameplay and Hero Updates

The update also brings a slew of gameplay enhancements, including simplified inputs, improved tutorials, and a new reward system. Weekly Leaderboard challenges are set to keep players engaged, while new skins offer fresh customization options.

Hero updates see characters like Charade, Escapade, Nyx, Shinya, and Xero receiving tweaks and new abilities, further diversifying the gameplay and strategies. For instance, Charade will now vocalize when an enemy is revealed by a decoy, and Nyx’s stealth bomb can be deployed and recalled during the Buy Phase.

Balancing and Bug Fixes

Weapon balancing has been addressed, with changes to the fire rate of the Cyclone and a cost decrease for the Hellhound. The default Buy Phase time in Demolition has been reset to 30 seconds, reflecting the developers’ commitment to fine-tuning the game balance.

A series of bug fixes have also been implemented, addressing issues ranging from climbing glitches to haptic feedback problems. These fixes are crucial for maintaining a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

Known Issues and Community Engagement

The update isn’t without its known issues, such as potential matchmaking delays and tutorial progression hiccups. Players are advised to restart matchmaking if they experience extended wait times and are reminded that internet connectivity is essential for tutorial completion.

The developers express their gratitude for the community’s ongoing support in identifying bugs and providing feedback. They encourage players to continue contributing through bug reports and suggestions on the Discord server.

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