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Xiaomi Plans to Launch VR Headset This Year

It’s no more 126 days since the Oculus Rift was made commercially available to the general public. What initially started out as a bold and bright Internet pitch on Kickstarter back in 2012, has since grown to become the first prime mover in a new and exciting industry. What’s more – since it’s acquisition by Facebook in 2014 many fans were pondering if a contesting headset would even be possible. See Mark Zuckerberg’s official statement here.

Since the onboarding of the Rift, we have seen a few giants push into the market as well. These contesting rigs have popped up from all across board of top-tier electronic providers. From the more complex HTC Vive, to the visually stunning, wide-width StarVR and the PlayStation VR – it would seem like we are collectively feeling the ripple effects from a VR-based quake, set in motion by the Oculus Rift.

Earlier this week Xiaomi decided to weigh in on the subject.

Xiaomi now has a seat at the table

A few days ago, rumors spread of a company-owned social media (Weibo) account bearing the name Xiaomi VR. Xiaomi is a huge brand on the Chinese market, and so much in fact that it’s collection of smartphones has rivaled that of Apple Computer’s iPhone series.

Xiaomi - VR Today Magazine

The massive tech giant, that as of this moment employs over 8,000 individuals has confirmed that they are actively working on a VR rig that will not only be next-level in terms of performance and power, but also be compatible with the Daydream framework which Google announced this year at their Google I/O by Clay Bavor, Google’s VR lead.

The video seen above is the first official work we’re seing from the concept, and as you may have already spotted, the ad is very – very low-tech. We’re not given a lot of thorough information yet.

Pre-book your Xiaomi VR

If we combine these news with the recent Bloomberg article, highlighting a significant rise in interest in VR from Chinese tech investors, we can now safely assume that there’s exciting days ahead of us. As of right now they are accepting pre-booking of the VR headset at just 1 Yuan which when conveted into dollars amounts to a mere 15 US cents. Pre-book yours here.

What’s Next for Xiaomi’s VR plans?

If you would like to learn more about Xiaomi you can visit their website, check out their Facebook Page (Okay, this one is not official, but does seem to be keeping up on all the latest developments), Twitter Profile, Instagram as well as their presence on YouTube.

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