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Zero Caliber VR – is it worth it?

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Genre: Action, Simulation
Compatibility (headsets): Steam VR, Oculus Rift/Rift S, Meta Quest 1-2 Sitting, Standing or Room Scale
Platforms: Steam VR, Meta Store
Minimum requirements: Processor: Intel i5-4590, Memory: 8 GB RAM, Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070, Storage: 20 GB available space
Features: single / multiplayer, Co-op, PVP
Release date: July 31, 2023
Developer: XREAL Games
Price: 24.99 $

Zero Caliber: A Hilariously Unconventional VR Shooting Experience, created by XREAL Games, also creators of “A-Tech Cybernetic VR” and “Rubik’s Cube VR”, has captivated gamers with its unique blend of immersive gameplay and comedic elements. The immersive gameplay experience, combined with the extensive customization options and strategic gunfights, truly sets this game apart from others in the genre.

Campaign Storyline

Set in a world dominated by private military corporations, the campaign storyline adds depth and intrigue to the gameplay.

The game’s campaign provides a variety of missions that keep players engaged and on their toes. Each mission presents unique challenges, requiring players to strategize and adapt their approach to overcome obstacles. From infiltrating enemy bases to rescuing hostages, the campaign offers a diverse range of objectives that keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

Released in 2018, this game has garnered praise for its highly regarded gunplay mechanics, making it a must-play for those seeking a uniquely entertaining VR shooting experience. – кога е излязла играта?

Game Overview and Features

Zero Caliber VR offers an immersive and action-packed gaming experience with its extensive attachment system, realistic gunplay mechanics, and engaging gameplay.

Virtual gun interaction is a key feature, allowing players to press buttons and post up on ledges with their guns.

Additionally, Zero Caliber incorporates climbing mechanics, allowing players to scale walls and navigate through the environment with ease. These mechanics add an extra element to the gameplay, requiring players to strategize and utilize their surroundings in order to succeed. This mechanic allows players to access new vantage points, navigate complex terrain, and surprise enemies from unexpected angles.

One of the standout features of the game is the inclusion of AI teammates, which adds another layer of depth to the gameplay. These AI teammates are reminiscent of the experience found in games like Halo Combat Evolved, providing assistance and support during intense firefights.

Gameplay Experience

Zero Caliber VR gameplay

Тhere’s still room for growth in terms of intelligence and team dynamics when it comes to AI teammates. Nevertheless, the variety of guns and seamless gunplay mechanics make every firefight a thrilling experience. From assault rifles to shotguns, players have an extensive arsenal to choose from, allowing for strategic decision-making and customization.

The combination of intense gunfights and the satisfaction of taking cover and strategizing in close-quarters combat creates a truly immersive gameplay experience.

Humor and Entertainment

With its unique sense of humor and entertaining gameplay moments, Zero Caliber offers players a VR shooting experience that is both enjoyable and amusing. The game’s humor is a mix of intentional and unintentional moments that add to the overall enjoyment.

One of the unintentional humor moments is when the NPCs perform funny Hollywood stunt-like dives when under fire, creating a comedic atmosphere. Additionally, the barrel roll maneuver performed by characters in the game is a particularly amusing sight.

Graphics and Visuals

Zero Caliber VR mechanics

The visuals in Zero Caliber VR may not reach the level of masterclass VR games like Boneworks or Half-Life Alyx, but they’ve a stylized and intentional look reminiscent of older Xbox shooters. The artistic style and design choices in the game contribute to its unique atmosphere.

The graphics may not be the most realistic or cutting-edge, but they serve their purpose well in creating an immersive world. Despite not being the main focus, the visuals still play a vital role in enhancing the overall immersion. The attention to detail in the environment, the character models, and the weapon designs all contribute to the game’s atmosphere.

Additionally, the sound design and explosion effects further add to the immersive experience.

CQB Environment and Tactical Gameplay

Engaging in close-quarters combat and navigating through tactical environments is a core aspect of Zero Caliber VR’s immersive gameplay experience. The game offers intense and satisfying house-clearing missions where players have to employ close-quarters combat strategies to survive. Clearing buildings feels tactical and rewarding, as players have to carefully check corners, breach doors, and eliminate enemies in confined spaces.

Gunfights in Zero Caliber VR require tactical decision-making in order to come out on top. Taking cover, coordinating with teammates, and strategizing your next move are crucial elements that add to the immersive experience.

Reception by the audience

The game has been highly valued by the players, with an overall rating of 9/10 on Steam and more than 3500 reviews, which find the game very positive. If you are still not convinced Zero Caliber is worth your time, feel free to check the upcoming action VR games in 2024.


In conclusion, Zero Caliber VR offers players an immersive and entertaining gameplay experience with its mission-based gameplay, intense gunplay, and unique mechanics.

The game’s sense of humor adds an extra layer of entertainment, while the campaign storyline provides an engaging narrative to explore.

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