Zerone’s Major Update: Aiming for Improved Play Convenience

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Zerone, the popular virtual reality game, released a major update on January 10, 2024, aimed at improving play convenience for its users. The update includes significant changes to the game’s balance, hit judgment, PVE content structure, and the deletion of the Clasher’s booster.

Balance Adjustment

Zerone has made a significant adjustment to the game’s balance. The game, which previously did not have a difficulty selection, has now lowered its play difficulty to make it more enjoyable for new users. This change is expected to make the game more accessible to a broader range of players, particularly those who are new to the game.

Change in Hit Judgment

The update also includes a change in his judgment. Previously, all boss units in PVP and PVE had hitboxes limited to the core, meaning no damage was done to the boss unit unless the core was hit. This has now been changed, with a hitbox applied to the entire body of the boss units. Damage is now inflicted no matter where the player hits, although hitting the core will still cause more damage.

PVE Content Structure Changes

Zerone has also made changes to the structure of its PVE content. Unlike before, when only bosses appeared, the structure has been changed to include normal monsters before boss monsters. The time allotted for one round has been increased, allowing players to deal with regular monsters quickly and have more time to hit boss monsters.

Deleting Clasher’s Booster

The update has also seen the deletion of the Clasher’s booster. Until now, the Clasher character was able to use the Gunner’s unique skill, Dash, as well as its unique energy shield. This has been removed, and the shield size has been increased to preserve the characteristics of the Clasher and Gunner. The Clasher will now focus on close-range attacks and defense, while the Gunner will focus on long-range attacks and quick mobility through dashing.

Zerone’s team believes that these changes will make the game more accessible to new users. The company has apologized for the late update and has announced that the next update will also feature changes aimed at making the game more accessible to new users, including changes to the game tutorial and character information panel.

Developers ars always open to feedback from their users and encourage them to support the game and provide feedback. More details about the next update will be provided in the next patch notes.

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