Walkabout Mini Golf VR review

Walkabout Mini Golf Review

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Walkabout Mini Golf Review - Quick Review

Here's a quick rundown of the key features, pros, and cons of Walkabout Mini Golf VR as assessed by our editorial staff.

Price: 14.99

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows 7

Application Category: GameApplication

Editor's Rating:


  • Immersive Ambiance
  • Ease of Play and Intuitive Controls
  • Challenging Courses
  • Realistic Physics
  • Crossplay and Crossbuy Enabled


  • Limited Matchmaking
  • Cartoony Graphics

Genre: casual, indie, sports
Compatibility (headsets): Steam VR, PS VR2
Platforms: Steam VR, PlayStation Store, Meta Store
Minimum requirements: Processor: Intel i5-4590/AMD FX 8350 or better, Memory: 4 GB, Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970, AMD Radeon R9 290 equivalent or better, Storage: 2 GB available space
Features: single / multiplayer
Release date: July 15, 2021
Developer: Mighty Coconut
Price: 14.99 $

Every VR headset owner with great interest in gaming has probably heard of Walkabout Mini Golf – it is an essential title for every VR gaming beginner’s library. For the past almost three years it has been available for playing, this game has gained a lot of fans as it proposes a virtual mini golf experience for both low-entry and advanced players. The 10/10 user rating on SteamVR and the overwhelmingly positive reviews of the game have made it very popular in the VR community.

In order to figure out whether Walkabout Mini Golf is worth the praise, VR Today Magazine assigned a newbie team member to test the game’s capabilities and share their own verdict regarding the gameplay appeal.

Starting Out

Walkabout Mini Golf provides players with a realistic mini golf game experience as both the virtual environment and the movements transport you to an actual mini golf course. With that being said, you’ll only need one controller to play, as you’d usually do in the real game. The graphics are really pleasant to watch, and don’t stress your eyesight, which is important for longer game sessions.

Once you enter the game, you have to figure out how to position yourself next to the ball and hit it with the proper amount of strength so that it reaches the target. After you get the hang of that, the gameplay will easily get carried away in the game.

Walkabout Mini Golf DLCs

Walkabout Mini Golf VR gameplay

Walkabout Mini Golf may be a fun VR game to try a few times, but once you get used to the different courses, the experience may lose its initial charm. That’s why the developers, Mighty Coconut, have been thoughtful enough to create additional DLCs, which would enhance the gameplay. There are 15 DLCs to choose from, and each of them costs no more than $4. If there is a sale, you can easily purchase most of them for about a dollar or two each, which is quite affordable for beginner VR users.

We tried the infamous Shangri-La DLC, which was surprisingly discounted to only $0.79 – a deal no one should miss out on. You’re transported to a virtual version of the mystical Shangri-La, which is actually very well represented in the typical Walkabout Mini Golf design scheme. Both the easy and the hard modes walk you through a course of 18 holes. The trace includes obstacles like bridges, staircases, and sandy patches. There were many holes located at far distances, which required long shots – that can be tricky for newbies, as it takes time to manage the amount of strength used when hitting the ball. Being precise when navigating the trajectory of the ball plays a significant part in overcoming the hurdles along the way and reaching the target hole. To complete the Shangri-La course with a mediocre score, one would need no more than 20 minutes for either the easy or the hard mode.

If you want to freshen up your mini golf game, then investing in any of the available DLCs is highly recommended – you’ll get to experience the game in a different environment with more intricate obstacles, and the best part is that you’ll be able to play it with friends, too.

Multiplayer mode

Walkabout Mini Golf VR graphics

Being able to play with others in VR is a great advantage for those who wish to have a more interactive and competitive experience. You have to keep in mind that if you don’t have a specific group of people to play with, you’ll get a randomly chosen player who’s already online to share the experience with. Otherwise, you can gather together with up to 8 friends and play with them.

The players I had the chance to play with were nice and cooperative, which made the experience much more pleasant, even though I wasn’t doing my best, and thus made the game less intriguing for both parties.

The best part about the multiplayer mode in Walkabout Mini Golf is that if one of the players has a specific DLC, all the people in the group can play it with them.

What to keep in mind

As we played Walkabout Mini Golf with a HTC Vive, which is a tethered headset, it soon became clear that it was not an optimal option for this very game, as the cables do get in the way quite a bit. Although it may not be a problem in the beginning, once the game becomes more intense, chances are you will find yourself holding the cable so that it doesn’t swing around all the time and thus distract you.

The next factor that will probably impact your experience is the dimensions of the headset you’re using. If the headset is front-heavy, it may be uncomfortable to play for longer time periods – every time you look down to concentrate on hitting the ball properly, the improper weight distribution will make the experience uncomfortable, especially if you sweat easily and the paneling inside starts moving around.

Overall Impressions

After experimenting with most of the features Walkabout Mini Golf has to offer, we at VR Today Magazine can easily state that this VR game is a worthwhile one for sure. The ambiance created by the cohesive environment style and the soundtrack is what initially draws you in. However, the ease of play, the intuitive controls, and the challenging courses are what make you lose track of time while playing, especially if you’re enjoying it with others. Everything in the game is somehow simple yet surprisingly demanding, just like the real game of mini golf.

We’d definitely recommend anyone try this game out, regardless of how invested they are in VR gaming or not. It is worth the money, and the multiplayer provides players with at least a hundred hours of intriguingly fascinating mini golf adventure in VR.

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