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Best VR Drum Games in 2024

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Learning how to play any musical instrument requires not only effort, time, and consistency but also finances. In order to figure out whether you like practicing the drums or not, you’d have to find a suitable teacher in the area and make sure you’re taking it seriously. Sometimes you may just want to try playing the drums for fun, which, fortunately, is easier than ever if you own a VR headset. VR music games have improved quite a bit over the years and can now provide you with interactive virtual tools for practicing any type of musical instrument. For example, you can have a look at our selection of the best VR Guitar games.

In this selection, we’ve included the best VR drum games, which will allow you to experiment with your drumming skills and have fun doing it from the comfort of your home.

Key Takeaways

  • There are quite a few VR drum games that are suitable for anyone who wants to see what playing the drums feels like.
  • Smash Drums is a popular VR drum game released in 2021, featuring 54 rock songs and nine different environments, with positive reviews for its audio-visual experience and comfortable VR experience.
  • Paradiddle provides a realistic drumming experience with customizability, including a range of customizable drum kits and the ability to connect to existing drum sets. It also features step-by-step lessons for skill enhancement and a rhythm game mode with custom song support.
  • Drums Rock is an immersive arcade drum game for VR that offers haptic, visual, and audible feedback on every drum beat. It includes original rock music, different styles of rock, and various unlockable cosmetics, songs, special modes, trials, and final stages with bosses.

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How we choose the best VR drum games?

We carefully considered various factors such as game mechanics, graphics, sound quality, and user experience when making our rankings. The mentioned criteria are paramount when it comes to any VR music game, as it showcase how realistic the provided virtual experience would be.

We also looked at user reviews and ratings to ensure the games we chose were really top-notch. Taking into consideration other people’s experiences with certain games is key to highlighting their pros and cons.

After narrowing down our initial list, we ultimately selected the games that had the best combination of all the criteria to make our top picks.

Taiko Frenzy

Taiko Frenzy is a virtual reality rhythm game that immerses players in the art of Taiko drumming. Set against a backdrop of vibrant, colorful scenery inspired by Japanese folklore, the game challenges players to master rhythmic patterns and drum to the beat using VR technology. Players can experience the thrill of Taiko drumming through captivating gameplay that features original soundtracks and a fantasy world setting. Additionally, Taiko Frenzy supports custom song creation through the TF Editor, allowing users to import and edit their own audio files to enhance their gaming experience.

Smash Drums

Smash Drums is a VR rhythm game developed and published by PotamWorks SAS. It was released for the Meta Quest platform on 2 December 2021 and is known for being a great party game for social gatherings. This game requires players to drum along to rock songs while destroying various environments.

It has 54 rock songs and nine different environments, such as a prison, a rock show, a forest, a city, and the moon.

Players can choose from four difficulty levels and various modifiers like speed, size, rotation, and gravity. Each song has a scoring system that rewards accuracy, timing, and intensity.

Reviews for Smash Drums have been positive, with UploadVR and VRFocus praising its audio-visual experience and comfortable VR experience.

Players can also compete with each other thanks to global leaderboard and detailed stats.

Future DLCs will make it even more exciting.

Drum Beats VR

Drum Beats VR features

Drum Beats VR is another virtual reality drumming VR game that offers an immersive and customizable experience. The game features four selectable difficulty levels, a no-fail mode for beginners, and a barbarian mode for an extra challenge.

Players can practice on different drum kits, with the ability to change the speed and enable flying debris. Furthermore, the game’s mapping system allows for more creativity and personalization.

This game is the perfect choice for drummers of all skill levels who want to experience the thrill of playing drums on a virtual stage, while jamming to upbeat songs.

You can get DrumBeats VR for $14.99 from both SteamVR and Oculus Store.


Paradiddle takes the immersion to the next level by providing a range of customisable drum kits and the ability to connect to existing drum sets.

With 50+ instruments, users can arrange and scale drums with ease to create a unique set. Step-by-step lessons are also available to help enhance drumming skills.

Plus, the app features a rhythm game mode with custom song support, making learning to drum more enjoyable. The game has two modes: one for beginners and one for more advanced players. Players can also customize their drum set with different sounds and effects and even connect the game to their existing drum set.

Paradiddle is also flexible and responsive, so users can practice without disturbing their neighbors.

Paradiddle has a 9/10 rating on SteamVR, where it can be purchased for $24.99.

Drums Rock

Drums Rock is an arcade drum game for VR that immerses you in a unique campaign with levels and challenges.

It features haptic, visual, and audible feedback on every drum beat, with original rock music and different styles of rock. The gameplay is intuitive and can be played in a chair without dizziness.

Unlockable cosmetics, songs, special modes, trials, and final stages with bosses are also included.

This game offers a unique VR experience, combining music games with arcade and Hordes games, so you can feel like a real rocker in a virtual environment.

You can get Drums Rock for $19.99 on SteamVR, where there are more paid DLCs. The game has a 9/10 user rating on the platform.

Happy Drummer VR

With its immersive environment and tailor-made music, Happy Drummer VR is a great choice for VR drummers looking to take their playing to the next level. It features a range of difficulty levels, from easy to expert, so no matter your skill level, you can always find a challenge.

You’ll be surrounded by dancing tribesmen, wild animals, rocks, and trees as you play, helping to create an atmosphere like no other. The in-game music is composed by different composers from around the world and is designed to provide an engaging and immersive experience.

Happy Drummer can be purchased for $9.99 on SteamVR, where it has an 8/10 user rating.

VR Drums Ultimate Streamer

VR Drums Ultimate Streamer takes drumming in virtual reality to the next level, as it features a 17+ piece drum set, a realistic physics engine, and advanced audio processing.

You can also mod and practice your drum set and use the MIDI out option to connect to other devices. With OpenXR support, the game is compatible with most OpenXR devices.

Plus, you can challenge yourself and others in online tournaments. VR Drums Ultimate Streamer is the perfect way to experience a realistic drumming fantasy in a virtual environment.

You can get VR Drums Ultimate Streamer for $29.99 on SteamVR.

Ragnarock VR

Ragnarock vr features

Ragnarock VR combines rhythm and virtual reality into an exciting combination that will have you tapping away to the beat.

Using two drumsticks, you must match patterns that appear on the screen, with the difficulty increasing as you progress. The visuals and sound in the game are incredibly lifelike, making it a truly captivating experience.

There’s plenty of content to enjoy, with several songs and levels available to test your skills. It’s an unforgettable experience that you can enjoy over and over again.

Ragnarock VR has an impressive user rating of 10/10 on SteamVR, where it can be purchased for $24.99.


No matter your skill level or desired difficulty, there’s a perfect VR drum game for everyone. Each of the featured games can offer players a good starting point for practicing the drums, whether it is only for fun or you really do wish to learn to play this instrument.

So whether you’re an aspiring drummer or just looking for a rocking good time, these virtual drums will have you pounding away in perfect rhythm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a VR Headset Necessary to Play VR Drum Games?

Yes, you need a VR headset to get the full experience of playing drums in a virtual reality environment.

Are There Any Age Requirements for Playing VR Drum Games?

No, VR drum games don’t impose specific age requirements.

Can VR Drum Games Be Played With Friends?

Yes, games like Smash Drums have multiplayer, and VR Drums Ultimate Streamer provides online tournaments.

Are There Any Free VR Drum Games Available?

Unfortunately, none of the featured games are free,

Are There Any VR Drum Games That Can Be Played Without a Controller?

No, you need to have compatible controllers in order to play any VR drum game.

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